Dragon Magic/Draconic Magic



This type of magic is interesting to me because as much of do we use deities, spirit guides, fairies etc.. What about dragons? Dragons with their greatness, beauty and lore are profoundly interesting. To use Dragons in magic or to walk this path is not for the faint of heart, and requires inner strength along with hospitality like any spirit guide you can not do it for the wrong reasons like wanting power… I believe that with any magic comes not only responsibility and respect, also a better knowing of our higher selves.

I have had an opportunity to get information from a source that practices Dragon Magic and here is what was said on how this type of magic works. “When practicing magic, most if not all are done with a companion dragon. When you start out , a generic call is used and you wait and see what dragon decides to lend their assistance.”  Now I understand this concept being a witch just like most we call upon the element or elements, and deities to lend their energy to help us with the spell or ritual we are trying to perform. Now starting out can be hard and here is why, “Someone new to it, it’s not uncommon to get the cold shoulder treatment at first. Dragons tend to not trust humans much, until they can prove they are trustworthy.” this makes sense if we look at Dragons in lore these creatures were very much trust based, and did not lend a hand so easily. I can see it can take some time to have a deity answer a call for help or an element to finally pick you when you ask for there assistance. To me this all goes back to the respect aspect of magic, having respect for all energy whatever form you choose it to be or follow, Draconis(this will be what I call the person I don’t use real names unless given permission) says, “The practicing witch will continue to use a generic call until a dragon has built up enough trust to all them to be called by name. often, the name given will not be their true name. There are those who are devoted to the dragons and have been practicing for decades that still do not know the true dragons name they work with.” Draconis also goes onto to say, ” Stick with the name they give you to use for them and they will tell you more as their trust builds. Trying to force things from them, or asking too many direct questions that make them uncomfortable, will cause loss of trust. Dragons are incredibly proud beings.” I can agree with that so are a lot of deity’s and elements which those are a lot more choosy than most think. Draconis makes a good point when they say, ” The witch wishing to work with them must remember to treat with due respect. The dragons answer the call to assist the with as an equal or as an elder providing guidance and assistance, not as a servant.” That there tells me that dragons are no different than any elder we treat them with respect because well they have been here and seen a lot more than we ever have, and done some of the same stupid mistakes anyone has ever done.

Here is a Summoning spell I found:

Summon A Dragon

Items you will need
2 black candles
2 other candles (color of element e.g. fire-red)

Casting Instructions for ‘ Summon A Dragon’

Warning: You MUST cast at least one form of protective magic before you do this spell.
It is extremely dangerous as it opens a beast gate
(A gate to a dimension full of all the beasts you can imagine and more)

1: Place the black candles at north and south
2: Place the element color candles at eats and west
Sit in the middle of the candle range.
Concentrate on locked gates. Imagine a key in your hand and chant:
”I have the key, I have the power,
The gates shall open at the (seventh) hour,
A dragon shall rise, and be my friend,
We shall both live until the end”

Seventh is in brackets because it is changeable.
This is just when you want your dragon to come through.
That is the time when you need the protection. This is also an immortality spell.

Spell From: http://www.gothwitch.co.uk/grimoire/dragon-magic/

I found a blog that goes much more in-depth and has tons of information from books, to spells, to a general introduction to this type of magic. Check it out here is the link


Thank you all for reading and I write these to share knowledge and places for ones who may not know were to start looking. I will be adding to these as I get more information or spells and rituals that pertain to this to help aid anyone who made need it.

Kieran Moonshine )0(

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