Twin Flame What is it and What is it Not

This subject is one of many that when you come across it you can’t help but wonder. There are tons of questions that surround this subject like What is a Twin Flame? Have I met them yet? How do I know my partner is my Twin Flame? Are they different than a soulmate? These are all good questions, and I hope to answer them all if not most of them. First, we must start with the basics and understand the difference between Twin Flame and Soul Mate to help us wrap our hands around the thought of something more intense and more significant than anyone of us could imagine. Now I have done some research and there are tons of articles, research and even books., so how do you weed out the good and the ridiculous? Well I was directed to 2 very good articles on this subject and will highlight excerpts from them to help navigate the in’s and outs of this subject.
Okay basic definition of Twin Flame is our souls twin, and we only have one, but I will get more into explaining the two-soul thing in a minute. It is a relationship with a divine union for a divine purpose. Now I know that explanation probably left most of you scratching your heads going what on earth do I mean. Okay to help break it down a little further Twin Flame is your souls mirror were the same soul splits and takes on two different Earth Bodies, and no I am not talking ET type stuff here more on the plane of Ascendance. For those who know or believe in that we simply do not just die and then poof there is nothing our soul travels into the universe and is pure energy until the time as we are to be brought back on Earth into Human form again basically reincarnation. Now there is a book that explains this theory a lot better than I can it is called Journey of Two Souls by Dr. Michael Newton. His explanation on this is, “Where one soul is able to bi-locate and bi-incarnated into different physical bodies on the planet within the same life span.” I don’t know about anyone else, but my mind was blown away when I read that, and I am looking into his book as well because holy cow basically one soul dividing into two and well the rest is history. But I found the easiest way to understand that concept is looking at it from that stand point it’s two halves of the same whole. Now I know questions will follow like does the souls know how to identify one another should their paths cross in the same lifetime? A very good question Now there will be people who say I have found my Twin Flame, and others who aren’t so sure or have and have yet to start down the path of being together. I do know from reading that Twin Flames are needed especially with the consciousness in today’s society and the energy that for the ones who can relate are awakened there very much needed and will more so over the net 5yrs. Twin Flames can help reshape the consciousness of the planet and save it because the consciousness now is so self-destructive and if you haven’t read the news lately well you’ve been under a rock my friend.
Now moving on Big question from introduction How do I know I have met my twin flame? Or Will I meet my Twin Flame? Both great questions, and my best explanation to you is from an Article by Kate Rose (will put the link to her article at the end) in the article it states, “Both twins feel simultaneously inspired and toppled by union” and goes onto state about the synchronized push and pull of our mate. There will be relationships that masquerade and look like our twin flame but is not, and then there are soul mates which we can have many of those in one lifetime, there not limited to our significant others could be a cousin, friend, mom, dad etc.… This article really explains the in’s and outs about the Twin Flame relationship and I recommend anyone who is interested read it. My thoughts are that a Twin Flame is like looking at your soul’s mirror were both or one are awakened and granted the personalities that come with these minds may differ the soul connection goes much deeper and exists on a much higher plane. I also gathered that Twin Flames can go through a lifetime and never find one another, but there eventually reunited once it is time to. I also read an article that explains tin depth the relationship aspect of Twin Flames once they have untied that one was a mind blower. These relationship goes through cycles before ending in the couple staying together or not and yes that can happen Twin Flames can part and not return to one another because remember we are in human forms, so we pick up the traits and ideologies of the environment that soul is in.
In my research on this topic I found a blog that was very forth with and honest. I loved reading her take on Twin Flame traits and thought I would list them here, so you can form your own opinion on it. (I will post blog link below)
• Shock and Awe
• Rough Waters
• The Doormat
• Desperation
• Separation
• Never a twin flame
• Acceptance
Now I know what your thinking what the world does each of these mean when it comes to the Twin Flame Relationship? Samantha Lucas the author of this blog goes in depth and has many updates on this subject and I will give you excerpts on each of these phases so as not to confuse anyone. Shock and awe meaning, “The very first thing you’ll discover is the deep sense of knowing. You’ll feel this person in your soul. This happens with all types of soul bonds, but there is a weight that comes with the twin flame meeting that doesn’t with the others.” Rough Waters, “One of the biggest aspects of the twin flame is that it mirrors back to you all the areas you have wounds. Every place that you are not acting in your best interest, and where you need to grow” The Doormat, “Some twin flame unions can turn abusive and that is never something you should stay in. This is why I say, be aware. Be aware of what is happening. You and this other person may be two halves of the same soul, but that does not give them the right to treat you with anything less than dignity and respect.” Desperation, “On some level you feel your twin slipping away and panic has begun to take hold. This is the stage that gets ugly because we too often get it into our heads that all that has to happen for this to work. is to get the other person to see us in person, and quite frankly, fuck us. (pardon my language)” Separation, “inevitably every twin flame couple comes to this stage. I have never heard of one that doesn’t. More often than not, there is a tearing apart, unbearable pain, a reunion that doesn’t work and we repeat.” Never a Twin Flame, “At some point we all get sick to death of the whole mess and we wish we’d never heard the term twin flame. Well, here’s where we put on our big girl/boy panties, suck it up and accept our truth… our twin swept through our life like a wild fire, we feel beaten, broken, bloody and bruised, but it’s time to assess the damage and find a way to carry on, without rewriting history. Also known as Twin Flame Fever.” Acceptance, “After phase 5, you hit a fork in the road. One path leads to 6, the other to 7. For some, they find 7 at the end of 6, for others they never find 7 at all and that, in my opinion, is an absolute tragedy.” Now she goes into greater explanation again and I thought this was the most brutally honest rendition of the phases of Twi Flames I found.
I know some of you will be left more confused than you were to start, but read the refrences I have linked and they will help you get a better grasp on things, and as from my view point a Twin Flame is a way the universe says WAKE UP and evaluate your life and see what baggage you hold onto, the past that may have burned you, the let downs, abuse anything that does not serve you we need to let it go because the universe sends us wake up calls and these relationships are it, but there needed. I know awakening is not easy because you face the harsh realities of yourself, and we all have things we want to change, but don’t know how. Well do research find out how to get pass the blockages, overcome the pain, and start fresh with a new set of eyes, and maybe just maybe it will be that lifetime were we to will find this love and it will be everything we want, or it will teach us more about ourselves than we ever thought we could know.

Thank you for reading.

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