October Up Comings

  1. A favorite witchy thing to do in Fall√
  2. Witchy booklist√
  3. DIY witchy decorating for Fall√
  4. Pagan, heathen, and all Witchy Music√
  5. 10 things to do to clean out negative energy√
  6. crystal grids 101√
  7. Dietes, Gods, and Goddesses related to Samhain√
  8. New Moon all things associated with it.√
  9. DIY Fall Scents√
  10. DIY Poppuri a lost art√
  11. Fun Family projects for Halloween√
  12. Tarot 101√
  13.  Samhain and the New Year√
  14. Thinning Veil what is it and how to deal√
  15. How To incorporate Magick in Cooking√
  16. Herbs 101√
  17. Beginners and how to get started√
  18. DIY Goofer dust and it’s uses√
  19. Protection what things you can do to protect your Home etc..√
  20. Ethics why is it important in our communities√
  21. Retrogrades what to understand when they happen√
  22. Meditation and learning how to√
  23. Natural Remedies DIY√
  24. Full Moon- how to utilize it√
  25. DIY altar 101
  26. Kid-friendly teachings
  27. Honoring our ancestors
  28. Preparing for a ritual Do’s & Dont’s
  29. DIY Candlemaking
  30. Samhain Rituals, Lore, and more
  31. Samhain/ Halloween last minute costumes and checklists.

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