Day 1

So the first post for my blog challenge is my favorite witchy thing to do in Fall… Mine is when it hits October I love to decorate the house and celebrate the sabbats that come in fall which are Mabon and Samhain.  I also like to find pictures that inspire the season like these:


This is also the time of year I reflect on the first half of the year and start getting ideas on what I want to accomplish by this time next year and set goals for myself. For me, it is also a time to reflect on my Family, Kids, and life in general.  I know it may not sound witchy but to me, this is what helps lifts me spiritually when you have those days were nothing goes right, or there is tons of stuff going on in real life. When the new comes on October 31st during Samhain I have a list of goals I want to accomplish next year ones that may be still in progress or new ones, and really prioritize the things most important.  Maybe it’s the Aries in me that loves the fiery colors that come out in such splendor and glory during this season or just I am an old soul, either way, this is part of who I am and I love it.   To me when I am asked why else this time of year is special is because it’s when I started my journey on my path and haven’t looked back. I love being a witch and pagan to me it’s the most freeing thing I have ever experienced I have awakened and yea it was painful but I have learned a lot over the years from great people and myself and my husband has been a great support. This time of year also brings a time of reflection on the ones we have lost this year and over the years and to remember all the lessons and wonderful memories we have of them. So I will ask these readers whether you’re a witch, not one or pagan or not how do you celebrate Autumn? How do you use this time for magick? Feel free to comment I love to hear stories.


Blessed Be )0(

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