Day 9, 10, 11

Day 9-DIY Fall Scents

  • Simmer a Pot
    A bounty of aromatics (like apple slices, cinnamon sticks, and cloves) waft through your home entire home when you warm them in the water on the stove.
  • Hang a Garland
    Dried orange slices, balanced by bay leaves and cinnamon sticks, look lovely strung up on a mantel — but smell sweeter than a fabric banner or glittering garland.
  • BakeApples
    We love a treat that’s a feast for the eyes, taste buds, and nose — and these comforting cinnamon granola apples say “fall has arrived.”
  • Pour a Candle
    Pumpkin spice has secured its position as the official scent of the season, so make a DIY candle that will last through December (much longer than you can say for those lattes).
  •  Just Add Coffee Beans
    Store-bought pumpkin spice votives are buoyed by handfuls of dark roasted beans in this DIY (and achieve that quintessential coffeehouse aroma).
  • Craft a Scented Bookmark
    If curling up with a good book is a fall tradition of yours, double-down on the appeal by making a leather bookmark doctored with spicy essential oils.
  • Try Pumpkin Spice Soap
    These little guys will bring a smile to your face every time you wash your hands.
  • Make Cinnamon Apple Syrup
    This sweet and gooey topping will get gobbled up quickly over French toast or ice cream, but its scent will pleasingly linger in your kitchen.
  • Amp Up Pinecones
    Pinecones easily fill a bare space on your bookcase in fall, but a little cinnamon essential oil is the surprise that keeps on giving all season long.

Day 10-DIY Poppuri a lost art

Dry Fruit, Herbs, and Spices
Potpourri might be the oldest scent game in town — but it ain’t broke, right? Dried fruit paired with nuts and spices look classic in your favorite decorative bowl.

How To:

Materials Needed

plastic bag
cooking rack
decorative jar
1 orange
1 lemon
bay leaves
1 tsp. cinnamon
clove essential oil
1 apple
1 pear
cinnamon sticks
orange essential oil

Thinly slice an orange, lemon, apple, and pear, and place them on a metal cooking rack. Using your oven’s dehydrate setting, cook the fruit slices until they are fully dried, making sure to flip them every half hour. After the dried fruit is completely cool, place it in a sealable plastic bag. Add dried bay leaves, a teaspoon of cinnamon, cloves, cinnamon sticks and a few drops of orange and clove essential oils. Seal and shake the bag to mix all of the ingredients. Pour the mixed potpourri into a jar of your choosing, and cover the opening with a decorative cloth before sealing the lid. Give as a cute gift, or save it until you’re ready to use it yourself. If the potpourri ever needs a refresh, just add a few drops of essential oils to make it as good as new.



Day 11-Fun Family projects for Halloween

check this site out for 30 fun Kid-friendly Halloween decorations

  1. 1. DIY Eyeball Balloons: Neon eyeball balloons are great indoor or outdoor decor. Pop a glow stick inside to make your balloons really shine or just leave them as-is for a photo backdrop. (via Studio DIY)
  2. 3. DIY Toilet Paper Roll Candy Garland: A candy garland is a festive accent you need. Cover toilet paper rolls with colored paper and cellophane for a show-stopping backdrop. (via The House that Lars Built)
  3. DIY Ghost Piñatas: Why take candy one bar at a time when you can have an entire piñata? Hang these little ghosts up at the beginning of the month and then let the kiddos have at them when Halloween finally rolls around. (via Make and Tell)
  4. DIY Tissue Paper Pumpkin: If you love crafting abstract art, you’ll have a blast making these tissue paper pumpkins. Decoupage different sizes of colored paper onto a white pumpkin and finish off the look with gold polka dots. (via Sarah Hearts)
  5. DIY Witches Silhouettes: Your gallery wall is complete once you add these cameos. You can achieve the look with vinyl, but some paint will do the trick too. (via PMQ for two)
  6. Skull Candle Holder DIY: Take your #shelfie to the next level with this chic gold skull candelabra. It’s so pretty, you might just want to leave it on your coffee table all year round. (via A Beautiful Mess)
  7. Free Printable Halloween Bingo: Kiddos and adults alike will love this Halloween version of Bingo. Use candy as your markers, or if you’re having a more adult party, you can always turn the whole thing into a drinking game. (via Studio DIY)
  8. Hocus Pocus Pumpkin: All those alphabet stickers you bought for organizing your pantry are finally coming into their own here. Don’t stop with just one: Put all your fave movie quotes on some gourds. (via Lovely Indeed)
  9. DIY Printable Treat Bags: Obviously, the best part about Halloween is the candy, so make sure you have some cute goodie bags on hand to hold it all. Skip the orange and black and go for something a little more colorful. (via Persia Lou)
  10. Moon Phase Lights: Looking for something a little more minimalist that still packs a punch? Say no more. This lit garland will frame the perfect vignette. (via The House That Lars Built)
  11. Paper Bag Portrait Luminaries: There’s nothing quite like a budget craft to get you in the mood. Print off all kinds of spooky portraits to give your guests a haunting welcome. (via The House that Lars Built)
  12. Glass Bead Jack-O’-Lanterns: Glam your regular pumpkin look with some glass beads. This polka dot look is sophisticated inside or out. (via A Beautiful Mess)
  13. DIY Stamped Bat Candles: There’s something to be said for keeping things simple. These artfully stamped candles will look magical in your All Hallows’ Eye displays. (via Tell Love and Party)
  14. Light-Up DIY Haunted House: Add some glow to your windowsill with a series of haunting silhouettes. (via The Crafty Gentleman)



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