Day 17

Beginners and how to get started

Whether you come from a long family of history of witches and taught from a young age or you are the first in your family line, either way, we all have to start somewhere right? Well, I have always had an interest in pagan, Celtic, Nordic lore and when I found Wicca I was instantly hooked and intrigued. Now I am not Wiccan, but I did study it when I first started out until I figured out that was not the path for me.  I am pagan and yes I am a witch I love nature, love crystals, herbs, you name it. I have done tons of reading on various religions from Hindu to Asatru and each one has it’s own unique path that yea you may not stay on but it’s a stepping stone to where you’re supposed to be.  Having an awakening was the scariest part of it all because I shed the self I knew and was growing into the self I am now aware and heightened to a new vibration. I also realized how much I had my blinders for signs, hints, clues from the universe this is where I am supposed to be.

For a beginner, you don’t need to go out immediately and buy everything for your alter right away or spend a ton of money to practice trust me learned that the hard way… I started by reading books by Scott Cunningham yes he focuses on the Wiccan faith but his books are a great starting point for any beginner looking for knowledge, then I was turned to Silver Ravenwolf her books are also a great source of all over information. Just because some the books titles maybe geared toward a path you’re not following they have a wealth of knowledge in them. I also was lucky to find a Facebook group, but be careful there and have a wonderful witchy family that when I need help is there, and I also leaned my knowledge to others as sharing knowledge is how we all grown and learn as well. The hardest thing about starting is worrying about what if your family finds out, or your friends find out. Well no you don’t have to come out of the broom closet so to speak right away unless you’re comfortable. When my mother found out what I was she judged me, but only because she did not understand it, and still doesn’t but because most people are so stuck in there faith they become closed minded to the facts and truth. I don’t practice around her and she doesn’t ask me about it and that’s how we get along. I also don’t judge her on her faith as she leaves the subject alone with me. If your friends are your true friends they will still be your friend no matter your religious preference, and if they stop because so then they really were not a good friend, to begin with in my opinion. A lot of peoples fears about when they hear pagan, which we have been stereotyped as bad and evil for so long that breaking that cycle is hard, but believe it or not more and more are awakening to there true selves, whether you decide to follow druidism, shamanism or Heathenry aka Nordic Pagan it is all in how the new generations help change the mindset and opinions of others by teaching, love, tolerance, and not judging others along with helping those who do not understand what your path is about. I will always tell someone do not be afraid to be you because lying to yourself is the worst thing anyone can do, and it is so freeing to recognize who you are proud of it.



So start small read, read, read yes a lot of reading but great things happen in books, take notes, and if you have questions on starting a Book Of Shadows ( journal of things you learn, spells, herbs, crystals etc..) keep it all in one place. Also, you do not have to join a coven either don’t fall into a situation that could be unhealthy or bad. Do your research on the coven, and do what feels right go with your gut feeling and intuition they will tell if something is right or not, and learn to trust those feelings.

I hope this helps clarify for anyone looking to get started on your own path , and always feel free to email the blog with any questions I am here to help as best I can or point you in the right direction.

Blessed Be )0(


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