Day 18

How to make Goofer Dust

This is an easy project that uses easily found items in a grocery store and around where you live. I will give a couple different recipes, and use whichever you like One was passed to me from a best friend his aunt who is a voodoo priestess uses this when needed.

Some information: Goofer Dust is a very old African-American hoodoo curio used to trouble, harm, or kill an enemy. In particular, it can cause the victim’s legs to swell up and medical doctors will not be able to effect a cure. Recipes for it may very it vary, but it is almost always a mixture of simple natural ingredients, usually including Graveyard Dirt, powdered sulphur (which can give it a yellowish colour) and salt. Subsidiary ingredients may include powdered snake heads or snake skin “sheds,” red pepper, black pepper, powdered bones, powdered insects or snails, and greyish, powdery-surfaced herbs such as mullein and sage. In the past, some formulas for Goofer Dust included anvil dust, the fine black iron detritus found around a blacksmith’s anvil. A modern substitute for this now-uncommon ingredient would be magnetic sand, which is also black in colour.

Goofer Dust Recipe
1 part Graveyard dust (taken from the grave of a murderer at midnight)
1 part Sulphur
1 part Ashes from a fire
1 part powdered Bones (Bone Meal)
1 part powdered Snake Skin
1 part Iron filings
In short, the ingredients are thing designed to poison and kill the victim by means of magick. (if that is your intent) When it is blessed and carried in a bag with you, it becomes a protective agent.

This one is more for if you need to teach someone a lesson, but as with all magick be careful and do what feels right.

Okay so here is my recipe and I use it for protection personally:

My Goofer Dust Recipe for Protection


Cayenne Pepper

Black Sea Salt

Graveyard Dirt (from a loved one or a protector and always leave a thank you token)

Red Brick Dust

mix and pour into the bottle, and as you fill it with the intent on protection. This is a potent little mixture.




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