DAY 19

Day 19- Protection what things you can do to protect your Home etc..

Protection for any magical home or any home is always important because the hearth is a sacred place where we retreat to recharge, learn, and work our magic in peace. It is also important for when you move into a new place to always feel out the energy of the home find out if you have any residual negative energy or there are some leftover entities from previous owners lurking around.

Home Protection Talisman Spell

Make or buy an item to display in your home that you can charge with protective energy. This could be a wreath, ornamental plaque, a painting or statue.. anything you can display. Before you hang it or put it in view, place the item in a circle of salt.

Sprinkle the salt clockwise as you say:
Salt of the earth, Guard this home,
While I’m here, or when I roam
Keep it safe, and all within
For good of all, this bond begins
By my will, with harm to none
By Earth power, this spell is done!

Think about what you would want to use. A statue, a piece of china or pottery, a painting, a candle holder. I can picture using a statue of a faery, a dragon, a large crystal point. You could use something from nature like a river rock, a large bird’s feather, a seashell. Use something that you will love to display.

Home Protection Talisman For When You’re Away From Home.

To make this talisman, choose at least 3 of the following dried herbs and place them in a charm bag that is white or gold.

Nettles Oak Bark Bay
Anise Basil Linden
Pennyroyal Valerian Wormwood
Broom Angelica Yarrow
Calamus Hazel Hawthorn
Mistletoe Myrrh Thistle
Meadowsweet Garlic Flax
Clove Cumin Frankincense
Cinquefoil Black Pepper

Then add any amount of any of these stones….
Gold Pyrite Malachite Cat’s Eye
Tiger’s Eye Topaz Amber
Mica Quartz Crystal Red Zircon
Flint Beryl Bloodstone

Tie up the bag and with a permanent marker, make 3 large X figures and place the talisman over the main entry point of your home. Then spell it with the following words of power!
This dwelling is never empty,
Though I will not be at home;
I leave behind a talisman
to protect it while I roam.
No intruder great or small
May gain entry past this line;
Protected, sealed, and warded,
By my will, safety be mine
I finish this charm with harm to none;
By herb and stone, this spell is done!

Some other things that you can use for protection is a protection oil…you can use it to anoint your doorways and windowsills. I like to draw a pentagram with it!

Protection Oil
4 drops Patchouli
3 drops Lavender
1 drop Mugwort
1 drop Hyssop
*You will add this to 1/8 cup of a base oil like olive, almond, jojoba..whatever you like.

Witch’s Protection Bottle

You will be burying this bottle in the ground at your front door.

Gather items needed:
-A Sturdy, clean, wide-mouthed bottle or jar with a tight lid.
-Soil or sand from the area surrounding your home.
-Something sparkly or shining like small tumbled crystals, beads, sea glass
-A rusty bent nail.
-A piece of broken glass
-Dried herbs
*Mint, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme
-A new penny or other coins
-Some loose hair from any pets in your home
-A piece of hair from every person in the home
-A magickal spell candle

Find the appropriate spot in your yard to bury the bottle. Work on the night of a Full Moon at the height of the Full Moon, or on the Full Moon right before Summer Solstice. Have all your items with you and a shovel. Use salt to purify the space.
Cast a circle around your working area. Light your working candle while you do your work. Dig the hole in the earth, try to keep the top sod in good shape to replace over the hole. Sprinkle with salt. Ground and Center. When ready, say these words:
With the Goddess and God working for and through me
according to free will and for the good of all.
I now fill this bottle.
As you say the next part, actually add the items that you are naming as you go. Take your time putting your intention into each item you place.

Earth anchors this magick in the ground.
This rusty nail, bent, now repels anything and anyone negative or life-denying.
The sparkling, shiny small pieces of crystals hold the light for me and my deities.
A broken piece of glass to deflect harm to anyone it is intended for.
These herbs infuse the bottle with their living properties…

Mint for money and protection
Parsley for protection
Sage for wisdom and protection
Rosemary for love, healing, and health
Thyme for health, love, and courage.
This new penny manifests abundance in my home.
Hair from my beloved pets to protect them.
Hair from my loved ones who dwell here, to protect and draw away negativity.

This home is divinely protected and effectively safe.
Nothing and no one can enter without my permission
Only those people and beings through whom the Goddess and God work
Can stay here, can visit, can touch this place.

Only Positive Magick lives in this place
In safety, protection, abundance, love, and joy
According to free will and for the good of all!

Start to bury the bottle, and replace the sod you dug up beforehand and then say:

I now bury this bottle
It is invisible to all but me
And its magick continues
And so mote it be!
By the time you have finished this spell, the bottle should be buried. Cover with leaves or something appropriate to make it truly invisible. Under the ground, it will continue to work until you choose to remove it. If you leave that area, it is best to dig up the bottle. Then perform this again at your next residence.

If you’re like me, your home is your sanctuary, your blessed space, where the people and fur babies you love the most of all, dwell.

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Another thing is putting salt around the outside of your home and as you are doing so focus your intent on keeping negativity and evil out and letting only the good in. Also a word of warning here…be sure that anything you have laying around is safe for your pets…you don’t want them to get sick from eating salt or some herb they shouldn’t. That would not be good at all. Always reference a herb guide to make sure what herbs are harmful to pets and children.




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