Day 24

Full Moon and how to Utilize it…

The full moon on Wednesday, October 24, 2018, at 1° Taurus joins the planet Uranus. Therefore the Full Moon October 2018 astrology is about change, excitement, and uncertainty, especially in relationships. Venus opposite Uranus focuses the change and uncertainty on love relationships but also your finances.
The October 2018 full moon makes a more helpful aspect to Saturn which moderates the erratic and impulsive nature of Uranus. It turns unexpected changes into opportunities and relationship uncertainty into reassurance and commitment.
The fixed stars joining the October 24 full moon also bring a mix of problems and solutions. So Uranus with full moon October 2018 may bring unexpected love but will also show the vulnerabilities in your love life and finances. Saturn brings practical solutions that lead to greater security and stability. (

The full moon is a great time for realising and healing rituals along with recharging crystals, moon water, tarot cards you name it…

Letting Go Ritual :

You will need:
A small bowl of water
1 blue or white candle
Paper and pen
Sage for burning

Find a sacred space, preferably under the light of the Full Moon where you will not be disturbed
Smudge your aura and your area using the sage or any other cleansing medium that you prefer
Light the candle and give thanks to Mother Moon, have your bowl of water near the candle
Write down on the paper all that no longer serves you or things that you want to release. This could include attitudes, emotions, relationship ties, illness, habits, addictions, etheric cords etc.
State what you want to release aloud and take a deep breath, as you exhale imagine whatever you want to let go floating away
Place the paper into the candle (be safe!) and watch it burn. When it becomes too hot to touch, drop it into the water.
Once the paper has become soggy, throw the water and paper into the garden. If your paper doesn’t dissolve you can also throw it away.
Be sure to thank the Moon and the Universe after your ritual is completed
You can adapt this ritual to suit your needs and your own intuition. There is no right or wrong here, so just go with the flow and see what inspirations come to you.

Clear your Energy:

One of the easiest full-moon rituals is performing a simple cleanse. Get a sprig of sage or a stick of Palo Santo wood, light it, and use it to cleanse your aura and your home. While this great to do during the full moon, you can actually do this whenever you want to rid yourself and your space of bajiggity energy.

Take A Moon bath:

Fall is the perfect time to wash away any residual stress from the long, hot summer. Use the full harvest moon to take a moon bath. Energy Muse recommends drawing yourself a hot bath and adding some Himalayan sea salt to pull toxins from your body. While you’re having yourself a good cleansing soak, set your intentions and release everything that no longer serves you. No matter which ritual you perform during the full harvest moon, remember to go in with an open mind and an open heart in order to harness all of the positive energy you deserve.


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