Eclectic Witchcraft..Personal Journey

Eclectic Witchcraft and how it fits….

What is an Eclectic Witch? What does he or she do? How does this effect their magic and their views on subjects? Well friends I am here to help shed some light on this as my path is Eclectic and has been for the most part since I found it. I have found that Eclectic witchcraft seems to be a term that gets a look in the witchy world, but I want to shed some light on this as this is a part of who I am as a whole and how I practice and approach magic. The definition of eclectic is taking pieces of information you learn along your way and using them in a way that fits the witch now that is not to say it is wrong just a different more open interpretation of the subject in question. I have studied Wicca, light, dark, hoodoo, voodoo and still discovering all kinds of magic granted they were not all for me but I have found that these types of magic still can help in my spell work, herbal remedies, or just everyday life. I have boundaries just like most witches, pagans, or christian whatever path you maybe on does a set of rules I go by and follow along with ethics and morals. I hope to give an insight and maybe teach a thing or two for the lovely readers about my chosen path.
So let’s dive right in what does an eclectic witch do? Well we practice just like any witch ours just does not stick to one style of practice like some. We take things we have learned and incorporate them into out magical workings. For example I use herbs for healing, along with stones and make home remedies more associated with green witchcraft, or I use Goofer Dust and Hot Foot dust seen in voodoo and hoodoo for protection. I mean it all just depends on what I am trying to accomplish really there is usually no rhyme or reason why I use certain herbs, crystals or divination tools to me it is what I feel is needed for that particular circumstance. My personal view on magic and the different paths is very open, I look at the world as my source of information and learning and use it to such. Whether I am learning about Norse mythology to understand the teachings of Ásatrú or I am learning what Draconian magic does either way I do not see it as dark or light, good or evil every magic serves a purpose now don’t get me wrong I do not practice anything to do with Satanism, sacrificial magic, or necromancy for me those are no no’s and I do not touch them. We have an altar room that is filled with all our books, crafting supplies, and anything we use in our magical workings, for us(me and my husband) we like to keep our supplies centrally located unless it’s cooking herbs well than you’ll find those in my kitchen. For me personally I like having a space that is always able to calm my storm on bad days or were I can just curl up to a good book if I am in that mood. We incorporate magic as much as possible into everyday life as it helps when it is needed.
I try to help anyone who is new to their path when asked as much as possible by providing them with the information or were to find it. So a lot of times I get how do you set up and altar? And is there a right or wrong why? This was a discussion a group I am in had and I did a piece on how to set up and altar to suite you as the person because everyone is different. So some people may ask how does and eclectic altar look? Well our altars (yes we have multiple lol) help the flow of energy we tap into and how the energy flows in the house. We have one for crystals only, and two very different altars each have their own purpose one is purely to channel energy and one I use them to charge items with our energy especially divination tools or items. No there is no right or wrong way to set up and alter I always tell beginners this because they get caught up in the minute details that they forget to use their intuition when making something in their space that works for them. So here is a 101 on altars first find a place in your house that if you have kids, pets etc. won’t knock it over or mess with it. Second choose items that represent you whether it be a deity you follow, candles, items from nature, certain colors, photos the possibilities are endless. Third once you have your main altar set you can add or subtract to it for the wheel of the year for example since Yule is upon us adding items that represent the season can be a way to make your altar more festive for the season when you decorate the rest of your house. Below are photos of the 3 altars in our house during the normal times of the year when I haven’t decorated it for a Sabbat or Esbat.

So from left to Right Crystals, Regular ritual or spell work altar, then divination altar each have different representation from different paths. The room we chose for our altars has a bunch of natural light and is in the front of the house which to me just gives a warmness to the room especially at night even when you flip on a light and just sit to read. We did not always have everything picture it has come bit by bit and some was handmade using things you can readily find at Good Will, Dollar Tree, and local metaphysical shop or online. Here is a quick tip to represent the elements in a unique way like we did first one taking clear glass bottles you find from a store and filling them with water and using food coloring to get the desired color to represent that element. The middle altar is that exact project cost was $10 total for bottles and food coloring. Next one is going to your local vintage or Good Will and finding colored bottles for cheap that haul was $5 for the 4 bottles on the far right altar. So my wisdom to you is think about what moves you, things you like and incorporate it into something that is you and unique If it feels right to you then its right and sometimes you will have to play with it to get it were you want it. Do not get overwhelmed by this even if you have one item and use that as a starting point in your altar like a deity statue that is fine as well, and it’s okay to search pictures of similar altars for inspiration that is the fun of it really personalizing and using elements that make up you and your energy.

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