Natural Remedies Time!!

Cramp Bark Tincture for Muscle Aches, Cramps & Spasms

You’ll need:
1 wide mouth jar with lid
1 amber bottle with lid for storing your completed tincture
Tincture bottle with dropper and/or spray glass bottle like this one (if you will be using your tincture externally as a rub.)
1 part cramp bark
1 part valerian root
3/4 part chamomile flowers
80-100 proof vodka (preferable if using it externally,) apple cider vinegar or food grade vegetable glycerin, enough to cover the herbs and fill your jar to the top.

Choose an appropriate size jar for the amount of tincture you will be making. You want to fill your jar 1/2 to 3/4 of the way full of the dried herbs.
Fill your clean glass jar 1/2 to 3/4 of the way full of the herbs.
Pour enough vodka (or apple cider vinegar or glycerin) over the herbs to completely cover them and fill the jar. Seal your jar with a tight fitting lid.
Let the herbs soak in a warm spot, out of direct sunlight for 4-6 weeks. Shake your jar often, every day if possible.
After 4-6 weeks, strain the herbs from the liquid. Fill a small tincture bottle for daily use and a glass spray bottle (if desired for using as a muscle rub) and pour the remaining tincture in a clean glass jar. Label and date your tincture. Store in a cool, dark place.

Recipe Notes:
Apple cider vinegar will cause your metal caps to rust. If using apple cider vinegar in your tincture, use either a plastic lid or place a piece of plastic wrap between the jar and the metal lid.


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