Spring Renewal

My spring time prep is what most would say is spring cleaning getting rid of the old and making way for new. I love to create new things in spring, and this year my new thing will be a herb garden. I love fresh herbs and having them for a little Kitchen Witchery is great or using those for guidance when retrograde season is in full swing. This is also the time of year I prep for the dreaded allergy season and stock up on my local favorites when farmers markets come back around like local honey, beeswax, and other herbs that promote health during the spring when your nose tends to run rampant. I love to sit outside on warmer days and enjoy the feeling the energy of the coming season it’s very refreshing.

Tips for spring:

Start looking for your local farmers market when weather warms especially, they will be ready to sell after being dormant all winter.

Buy local honey and take 1-2 TBSP. Per day to help get your body ready for the onslaught of blooming plants.

Start your seedlings inside for your coming herb garden. I have found some great starter kits that take the guess work out of this, and they are reasonable to. I bought Herbal and Medicinal blend and Culinary Blend growing kits. True Leaf Market has a butt load of supplies and kits to choose from and various sizes. I bought the premium kits and was well worth the money comes with 18 different herbs in each one, the soil pucks, containers, instructions, and little sticks to label your seeds planted.

If you want to start an herb garden do some research on your area what grows best, the climate, etc? That way you’re well prepared for planting.

I do look forward to Ostara this time of year as it happens close to my Birthday, and I love to decorate my altar with flowers from a local florist, and help welcome the coming Spring Equinox.  I burn Dragons Blood, myrrh, and rose hips for protection and love during this time as well. I create new jewelry, paintings or drawings as a way to meditate on the coming of spring as it brings new life.

For my herb lovers or ones who prefer holistic medicine when it is deemed okay by your doctor, and used as directed.

Allergy helpers:

Respiratory Allergy relief:

German Chamomile in a tea bag, prepare 1 cup of water drink 1 cup 2-3 times a daily. Reduces the intensity and duration of allergic reactions.

Eucalyptus or Thyme Leaves Whole or dried. Soak 1oz in 1 cup boiling water and inhale steam this will ease congestion.

Ginger ground and put into capsules take 1,000mg 3-4 times daily. Reduces allergic inflammation.

Drinking 8 ounces of Steam-distilled water a day helps no tap water on this because tap water has chemical additives most times…


St. John’s wart capsules or tincture…take as directed. Is an Antihistamine especially for food allergies.

Horseradish. Prepared Horseradish. Take ½-1tsp daily until symptoms subside. Relives sinus congestion and helps deter future allergy attacks.

Thymus extracts may improve the symptoms of nasal allergies and shorten their duration. These preparations work on the immune system and things that cause allergic reactions. WARNING: do not take this if you are HIV-Positive.

Also, if you’re clogged-up Aromatherapy in a diffuser of Eucalyptus, peppermint, and thyme help to ease the symptoms of a stuffy Nose.

Theses lovely remedies are brought to you buy my book or bible of home remedies… Prescription for Herbal Healing 2nd Edition, an Easy-To-Use A-Z Reference to Hundreds of Common Disorders and Their Herbal Remedies, By: Phyllis A. Balch. CNC.



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