Candle tips for the thrifty witch

So I discovered a way I could save some money on candles and figured I’d share! These might be pretty obvious, but I enjoy sharing my work anyway, so here’s some money saving DIY tips (^~^)

You’ll need:

  • candles
  • knife
  • containers
  • glass candle cups (or small glass jars)
  • candle wicks
  • wax crayons (optional)
  • essential oils (optional)

Getting more candle per candle

So if you live somewhere in Northern Europe, you’ll know Tiger is a great place to get some Knick knacks for cheap cheap. They also sell candles! You can get one of these packets of three candles for two euros, which is pretty good!

They’re cheap, small and convenient! But, if you’re impatient and fidgety like me, they’re still a little bit too big for spells that require you to burn out the entire candle. So I decided to cut them in half! Boom! Six candles for the price of three, in a more convenient size for spellcasting!

Although you should leave the bottom part slightly bigger, since you’ll need to carve a little bit of the wax off to expose enough of the candle wick for the bottom part as well.


  • As you’re cutting/carving the candle, lay a piece of newspaper or something to catch all the wax bits. It’ll make cleaning easier, plus you’ll need them later! It’s a good idea to cut around the candle rather than straight through it. These suckers have a tendency to break at inconvenient angles.

Using leftover wax

So now you’ve got a whole bunch of wax flakes (and you’ve figured out that your candles were only coloured of the surface like I did). Here’s where we make more!

Take your wax flakes, put them in whatever container you want to use for them and put it in boiling water. This is where you add bits of crayon and/or essential oil as well if you want to customize them! You don’t need a lot of crayon to get a good color, so if you buy a pack of ‘em, they’ll last you a while.


  • Be careful! Have a towel or an oven mitt close by to remove the container from the water, and a bowl of cold water in case you burn yourself. Obvious statement is obvious, but the glass gets hot.
  • To help the melting process along and to ensure an even color, use a Popsicle stick or something similar to mix your wax. A spoon works too, but use the end that doesn’t go into your mouth. I don’t know much about chemicals, but it never hurts to be careful.
  • Don’t use a microwave! Like with chocolate, melting it in water is slower but safer.
  • You can also reuse wax form old candles you’ve already used! Buying new candles is sometimes a hard urge to resist, but you’ll save money (and the environment) if you reuse old wax.

Melt until smooth. Carefully remove the cup from the pot and place it on a heat-proof surface to cool. Insert your candle wick and hold it in place for a while as the wax solidifies a bit. Let cool.


  • You can get candle wicks on eBay for super cheap! I got a bag of 100 (3 cm) wicks for around 99 cents / 0.65€!
  • Baby food comes in small glass jars (at least around here) that’ll work if you don’t have candle cups. Mango sauce is a delicious snack and doesn’t cost that much. The glass is thinner so you’ll need to be a bit more careful when working with them, though.
  • You don’t need to have your stove on a high setting all the time, just bring the water to boil and then turn it down.


And voilà! Self-made, customized candles from leftover materials! If you already have leftover wax, old crayons and containers, all you really need to buy are the wicks! (And you can probably DIY those too!)

I’ve had so much fun with these candles and my little garden, I never realized how much I actually enjoy this DIY stuff. I’ll have to start thinking about a new project  (。◝‿◜。) Stay tuned for more stuff like this!

If the witchy lifestyle interests you, and you want a guide to finding supplies, décor, and clothing, here are some of my personal thrift shop must-haves:

  1. Velvet. It’s romantic and dramatic; you’ll feel like a darkling queen wearing it!
    2. Black lace. Wear to a Goth prom.
    3. Cauldron. For potions and flammable things.
    4. Jars and vials. Pretty containers for potions and herbs.
    5. Cabinet for storing magical objects. Your own apothecary.
    6. Chalice. For rituals. And wine.
    7. Candles and candleholders. Essential for spells!
    8. Robes and shawls. Feel the air move around you.
    9. Miscellaneous items like stones, moon or cat-themed objects, bewitching lingerie, or anything else that would make a nice addition to your place of magic!

Books and crystals aren’t cheap, unless you know where to look!

Other than scouring the internet for e-book and collections of PDFs, you can find some nifty physical copies of spiritual books online. Sites like and have some wonderful witchy sections, and have regular sales, on top of their already cheap prices!

Crystals can be notoriously expensive if bought through New Age stores or online shops. If you’re like me and love working with and collecting crystals, try searching for “Gem Shows” and “Lapidary Fairs” in your area. You can often find some wonderful bargains, and beautiful pieces, for half the price of most new age shops!

Think outside the box. Pt 2

Now, witchcraft is the act of doing spells, while Wicca is more of a religious path. I want to make that distinction because this section is more specifically geared to those who are walking a path of connection with nature, rather than just using spells.

A little while ago I had a crisis of faith, due to not feeling as connected to nature as I used too, and thus feeling disconnect from the Goddess. I used to live with bush land behind my back fence, and several parks within walking distance. I have since moved, and my current apartment is next to a train line, in a fairly busy suburb, in an apartment complex block. Lots of concrete, car noises, and artificial light.

I expressed my concern to one of my friends from circle, who gave me a piece of advice that helped a lot. He basically said “yes, you might be surrounded by concrete, but what is concrete made of? Water, sand, crushed stones, a few other things. All these urbanisations still have a part of nature within them. They may have been altered and changed, but they still retain an aspect. The buildings and floors of concrete are just like a layer of clothing, the land is still below the concrete, you might not be able to see it, but the energy can still be accessed.”

So, for those of us who many not have the money to pay for an hour drive to the nearest state forest, or the train trip to a park, just remember that there is nature energy around you, it’s just hidden, waiting to be found.

You don’t actually need tools.

Spells and rituals can be done entirely without complex tools, they can be rituals of gesture, where no words are spoken, or simple spells using things you find around the house. Here are two quick examples to give you an idea.

To get rid of a certain type of behavior, or remove someone who is harassing you (Not hurt them, but simply have them leave you alone). Write down the behavior or name on paper, then place it in a zip lock bag.

Fill the zip lock bag with water, and place it in the freezer. As the water freezes with the word inside it, sympathetic magic will have it manifest in the mundane world, and that behavior will freeze/stop.

This could be jazzed up by making it a sigil, instead of a word, and is very easy to substitute with symbols or even a picture.

Don’t have a zip lock bag? Use a cup.

Don’t have pens? Use water on the paper, draw it with your fingers, and picture the word in your mind.

Don’t have paper? Use a leaf, cut words out of the newspaper, AND USE the lid of an old pizza box!

There are always going to be substitutes that can be used!

For a spell to bring you money, go out and find a nice green leaf, either on the floor, or on a tree.

If it’s on a tree, ask the tree nicely if you could use it for that purpose, and spend some time with the tree. Take the leaf, and thank the tree. (I use the blessing “Blessed are those in nature, who give so others may gain. Your sacrifice will revive and sustain me, and for that I thank you.”)

You could then draw a rune relating to money, such as Fehu, or a sigil about money coming in.

Depending on how many things you have lying around the house, you could add further vibrations to the spell. Crush up some basil, and sprinkle that on the leaf as it burns. Ask the spell of Ganesh, or another God or Goddess relating to removing obstacles and providing bounties. Wear green. The possibilities and combinations are endless!


Other tips from our own witches:

  • Taking a branch from a tree in the yard some twin and whala! You have an herb drying hanger use clothes pins to hold the herbs on the string.
  • Instead of candles use small bowls for calling the quarters and add color food dye to the water for each direction.
  • Use things from nature. Ask permission and use what is in your surroundings
  • If you grow your own herbs you can make her own oils by drying them and infusing them in extra virgin olive oil and there ya go herbal oils.
  • Using small bowls for the quarters and in each bowl drop food color into the water instead of using candles.
  • Remember think outside the box birthday candles come in all colors and burn quickly great cheap spell candles.
  • Originally posted by paprika 🌟 Use socks, coffee filters, paper towels, plastic bags, or napkins as sachets and tie them up with a hair tie or a rubber band when you use them! These items are either cheap or already in your home, so you do not have to splurge on cloth sachets. Be careful if you decide to put liquids in these materials as they can leak out in some of them!
  • 🌟 If you can’t afford crystals, rocks can work or you can try to find them in nature. It’s not guaranteed that you’ll find crystals in nature, but here is a post that can help you identify and find crystals. You can also use rocks. They may not have the same correspondences as your preferred crystals, but rocks can be great for grounding and strength and they can also vary in color. Hag stones can also be found in nature!
  • 🌟 You can use sticks, rocks, and plants as wands! These things can be found in nature, so no need to break your wallet over a fancy wand. Practice what kind of natural material is best equipped for you when you channel and direct energy through it and there’s your wand!
  • 🌟 Use hand soap instead of herbs or other expensive ingredients! Hand soaps come in a variety of scents and instead of splurging on expensive ingredients for a spell, you can try to find a hand soap that can replace them. For example, I can’t spend extra on coconut butter, so I bought a hand soap that has coconut butter in it for a dollar. I not only get hand soap, but also a handy spell ingredient, too!
  • 🌟 Take daily tasks and make them magical! Enchant your cooking, cleaning, and working. A few simple words can go a long way when enchanting your daily activities. For instance, I usually bless my food for good health before microwaving and eating it!
  • 🌟 Remember that spells don’t require a lot of materials and energy! A few words, sigils, drawing, singing, or imagining a spell is enough to cast it. Drawing a sigil on my arm for productivity is enough for me to get started on some homework.
  • 🌟 An altar doesn’t have to be fancy! You can use a pizza pan, a plate, a piece of wood, a cardboard box, or even a section of your floor as a space for an altar. Items on an altar can include a regular cup, some salt, blessed water, or whatever you want to add and can afford! All of these items are free, already on hand, or can be found at the Dollar Tree so you don’t have to break your wallet!
  • 🌟 Leave a sigil or charm for prosperity in your purse or wallet! Make sure to close or add loopholes to it so that it does not come from a negative place. This can attract some extra money to your pocket!
  • 🌟 Enchant your most used items to make them last longer or to prevent damage! Clothes, shoes, kitchen appliances, and the laundry basket really could use a sigil or some type of enchantment so that they will not break on you when you really cannot afford to fix or replace them.


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