Harnessing the Darkness

The veil gets thinner as we get closer to Samhain/Halloween we can feel the shift of energy as the days grow longer and the darkness creeps in…you may get those unexpected visitors or feel and much more chill to the air. Hmmm besides the crispness coming in from cooler temperatures and the changing of the leaves what does this mean if your a Witch? Or a Druid,Shaman or Wiccan? Depends really each day I can feel the energy and the darkness creeping in but this doesn’t exactly mean a time to hide but a time to embrace this darkness and harness the power it brings and to really work with a world beyond the veil. I always find this time of year fascinating and interesting because some say the darkness is evil others say work with the light, but why not harness both or learn that working with darkness can be just as powerful as the light. Sometimes we’re afraid of the unknown and the unfamiliar worlds or paths we don’t know about but what if you stepped outside this comfort zone and embraced the change of seasons whether it’s Spring and summer where light rules or it’s the crispness of Autumn and cold of Winter darkness. I have learned that the darkness or grey sides of magic can be powerful tools with intention to use to protect, harness and ground in these days were the night creeps in earlier and earlier. Autumn teaches us that there can be a balance of both light and da k were the two actually coexist and yes the darker days which fade into Winter take over for three months of the year it’s this amazing in between period that some forget about in magic. In green witchcraft the hedge witch works with this world of living and dead to use them to harness her magic for her intention. They grey witches come alive as the darkness sets in and uses to ward of the things that may harm them to keep a delicate balance of all things.

So what things can a witch do harness these things well during this time when the veil starts to thin make sure your ground and protect yourself from things unwanted. This is also a beautiful time for divination varying, black mirror work, tarot, candles you name it. Just remember stress and negativity can leech it’s way in anytime but it’s seems much easier as the days seem to grow longer so remember to take a minute to release those negative thoughts and re center yourself. I also love using the energy from nature this time of year as depending on where you live the foliage and landscape take on a whole new look with the vibrant colors of the leaves changing. Here is what reminds that even as the days grow. Shorter Mother Nature puts on a beautiful painting of color that’s starting to show. If you always wanted to do Spirit work now is a time we’re communicating can be much easier as the veil between our world and there’s thins with each passing day. There are some basics to protecting yourself and your power with this though.

Step 1: Get Protected

This is the most important part to any connection with spirit. Before opening the door to communication it is important to protect your energy and your space. The best way to do this is to spend some time meditating and charging up your energy. You can do this by imagining a beautiful white light surrounding your entire being.

You can also call on your spirit guides and angels to protect you or use protective crystals such as amethyst.

Step 2: Set A Sacred Space

If you are wishing to invite a loved one or receive information from a spirit it is important that you create a sacred space first. This sacred space should feel safe and be clear from clutter or distractions.

You can also fill your sacred space with crystals, plants, herbs, candles and other things that make you feel good. Having a pen and paper may also be handy if you want to be able to write things down.

Step 3: Set Your Intention

Once in your sacred space, set your intention for communication. Get clear about the experience that you want to have and be sure to set boundaries and state your intention firmly.

For example, your intention may be-

“I wish to connect with (enter name), I ask that I am guided and protected to hear the messages (name) has for me and that the messages are delivered in a gentle way. I ask my spirit guides and angels to protect me through this process and help me to receive any messages that are necessary.”

If you are uncertain whether the spirit you wish to connect with may be harmful or not, you can call upon your spirit guides to act as a “gatekeeper” between the two of you. This is a good option if you are dealing with any unknown spirits in your house or if you are a first-timer when it comes to connecting. Just remember, when dealing with unknown spirits, it is best to feel out the energy first. If you pick up on any negative vibes or are uncertain, it is best to leave it to an expert or simply focus on cleansing your home.

Being scared or fearful is also not a great frame of mind to be in if you want to effectively communicate with spirits, so if you are feeling these things it is best to stop until you can enter into this with a clear mind.

Step 4: Stay Open to the Messages

After setting your intention, start talking to the spirit as if it were already there. Ask it any questions that you wish and wait to see if you hear an answer.

Answers from the spirit world can vary, but you may feel bodily sensations, tingles, see synchronistic signs, sparks of light or hear audible messages. Stay open to the connection and perhaps even write down any experiences that you see or feel.

Tools to help you receive messages from spirit include automatic writing, pendulums and ouija boards.

Pendulums are a great tool for beginners and are far less intimidating than automatic writing or ouija boards.


So I found these while researching and they are very basic but great ways to protect yourself when doing this kind of work.

So find news ways to harness the coming darker days and as Samhain approaches celebrate the light and the darkness together you may find something new.

When it comes to ouija boards I would personally not recommend them unless you are an absolute seasoned expert and have dealt with the spirit world many times before.

During this process it is important to know that you may not get your answer right away. Be patient and gentle and know that you will hear your answers when you are meant to.

It also helps to keep an open mind, often we hear or receive the answers but fail to realise them because it is not as we expected.

Step 5: Close the Door

Once you have finished with your questions, you should close your “session” by announcing that you are done. You may even wish to send off your spirit by saying goodbye and thanking them for their messages.

You then will want to cleanse your space and aura with sage, bells, crystals or incense. This is very important and is definitely not a step to be missed.

As you cleanse your space you may even want to recite a mantra or affirmation such as- “I cleanse and protect this space with light and love, only light and love may dwell here”.

Even if you didn’t make a connection, it is important that you still do this process and close the session properly.

Learning how to communicate with spirit can be very enlightening. As long as you take steps of protection and don’t rush ahead before you are ready, there is no reason why you can’t experience the benefits of reaching out to the other side.

Just be mindful to always remember to protect yourself and give gratitude and thanks to all spirits that you encounter.

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