The Little Things..

When enjoying breakfast at Waffle House with my husband and our friend I was sipping coffee and just looking out the cafe windows at the rainy misty day, when I noticed a gentleman sit down at the counter. He was an older gentleman his hair had silvered and looked like he could be anyone’s grandfather, but what got me is this overwhelming since of loss and sadness before I understood that what I felt was from this gentleman. As we talked and waited on our food and I enjoyed a cup of coffee on this rainy morning it’s when I looked up and noticed a tear trickle down his cheek and he met my gaze and just smiled I smiled back, and then it hit me like a ton of bricks he was the one I was feeling this powerful loss and sadness from, but Why? he seemed like a gentle soul that had seen a lifetime of things that some of us couldn’t dream. I saw him wipe the tear with a napkin and order his food and we went on about our breakfast I did my best to block the energy I was feeling and it was extremely hard to block this though. I continued with our breakfast and every so often I would glance over and I would meet his gaze he would just smile looking at me and my husband. I didn’t realize it at the time but I knew he had suffered a loss of proportions that unless you’ve experienced it wouldn’t know that heartbreak. We finished our breakfast and we left the restaurant I touched the back of his chair hoping to understand why this gentle soul was so saddened. I asked my husband as he is an empath as well if he felt the same thing I am still learning to explore the feelings from others I get to receive a picture of what it is and why it is people are feeling the way they do. He said to listen with my intuition and read the feelings and I got the answer I had been wondering about since he had walked in the restaurant that morning. He was there for the first time without his wife who he had lost recently and his tears was because he was holding onto a memory and something they enjoyed with each other every weekend. That since of loss, grief, and trying to regain a symbolence of normalcy without the love of his life was what was being felt. I can only say that level of pain and holding onto to precious memories is what I was feeling this morning and my heart ached for him as I only wish that he finds comfort and hope that mornings like these get easier, but that he holds onto those precious memories.

So remember to not only hold onto your memories, but enjoy the little moments, and as an empath it’s okay to learn how to explore the feelings of others to understand someone or a situation. Always protect yourself and grounding is important as well for an empaths overall health and as always it is okay to stop and smell the roses or enjoy the things you love and the special people around you because you never know when they will be nothing more than a precious memory.


2 thoughts on “The Little Things..

  1. Empaths may be tougher than the average individual. Not only do you experience all that you do, but feel the weight of others’ emotions as well, & persevering all the while.


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