New Moon and How to Harness the Power   


This February’s New Moon is in Pisces sign of the Fish and Element of water, but what does that mean for everyone else. We are all born under different astrological signs like myself I am a cusp baby born between Pisces/Aries and my natural personality can go either very fiery or easy going like water. Pisces is known for the connection to emotions, intuition, and creativity. New moons are a great place in the year to help you bring things that have become stale to life as after this phase the moon starts gowning to the next phase which is the Full Moon where we know that energy brings something different to the table.  Here are some things you can do to help Harness this moons energy tomorrow, and before you make any plans this new moon does coincide with Mercury Retrograde till early in March.  

“So, although you might be tempted to DTR, it might be better taking a beat to reflect until Mercury goes direct on March 9. “It’s important to manifest old goals during this new moon, or commit to a past idea in order to keep the celestial vibe in flow with the retrograde,” Stardust says.” (The New Moon Is In Pisces, & We’ve Got Love On Our Minds, ERIKA W. SMITH  LAST UPDATED FEBRUARY 21, 2020, 9:00 AM) 


Here is a simple ritual you can do at home 

How to Begin: 

  1. Set the environment.

Before engaging any ritual, clean and organize your space. Straightening up and getting rid of clutter sets the tone for the ceremony. I like to burn sage, light a candle, turn on soothing music, and clear energy. And keep a few pieces of sacred paper and a pen on hand for writing. 

  1. Conjure a connection to the Divine.

Call upon a connection to the source energy you feel supports you the most: guides, angels, or any other divine connection. Personally, I like to connect with each of the four elements: air, fire, water, and earth. I correlate each one with a direction on the medicine wheel; East, South, West, and North. Then, I honor the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine via the Sun and Moon. 

  1. Sit comfortably and write.

Grab those pieces of scrap paper and write down the things in your life you either wish to call in or are ready to release. This could be certain feelings, fears, or barriers—anything you know is not serving you. Consider what you want to call into your life. This could be a job opportunity, a relationship, more financial abundance, an adventure—you name it. 

  1. Declare.

The next step is to read your desires—the stuff you want to call into your life now—out loud. Speaking them aloud plays a crucial role in bringing them to life. You may notice that they evoke even more emotion when spoken, and that feeling is essential to manifestation. 

  1. Meditate and complete.

Now that you’ve let go and made space for what you truly desire, sit quietly, follow your breath, and visualize your desires coming to fruition. Set the intention to stay open to these elements and experiences entering your life, and any other growth opportunities you may need along the way. 

As mentioned, you can either do this ritual solo or invite your soul sisters to join you. While doing it alone is beautiful, there is also something compelling about being heard and held by the ladies you love, so that they, too, can hold your desires for you—and vice versa. 



Here is ways to Harness this New Moon as well…. 

5 Keys to Harness the Power of the New Moon 

New Moons are like a zero-starting point. The slate is wiped clean and the soil is being prepared in darkness for new seeds to be planted. New Moons are the best time to start something new, get clear on the future and bring fresh energy into our life. 

Set your intentions and journal them down. In ancient shamanic traditions the New Moon is called upon to manifest a dream, a heart’s desire or a wish, and release it to the moon so it can blossom in its own time.

Cut your hair if you’d not like it to grow fast again. This goes for unwanted body hair as well as for keeping a good haircut in place as long as possible.

Take a Fast and Relax. New Moon is the best day in the month to release extra weight, toxins and stagnant energy. Use this day to drink lots of water, herbal teas or detox juices, eat light fruits or steamed unflavored vegetables, go to a Sauna, get a massage and take rest. Do nothing for one day. 


Schedule a surgery on this day, if need be. Since the New Moon is a day of reset for the whole system, it is also the best day to help the body to let go of any unwanted energies or illnesses from the body, like cysts.

Plant leafy greens, herbs or decorative plants. Greens with lots of leafs grow much better when planted on New Moon or the waxing moon, as the energy of the water starts to be pulled upwards and therefore into the greens. 


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