The Types of Divination and What are they?

Are you wanting to Dive into divination but have no clue where to start..well that happens to a lot of us, but fear not I am going to list the types of divination and their brief descriptions. Plus throughout the next months I will be going more in depth on each type of divination so that you can at least have the basics to dive right in. Okay so lets start shall we..

Most people do this even if your not a witch or pagan, or druid or whatever path your on but the stars and planets have fascinated us for thousands of years. Astrology can be daunting when it comes to understand birth charts, astrology signs etc… it’s enough to make your head spin. Thanks to modern technology there are plenty of online resources and even apps to help you dive into understanding this type of divination.

Next we Bibliomancy now I know what your thinking what the heck is that well let me explain it is the art of divination through books. It used to be using a Bible but any book will suffice honestly. After selecting a book, the diviner will close their eyes, open the book, and point at a phrase or paragraph (all while keeping their eyes closed). Upon opening their eyes and reading the selected area, they can interpret it as a special, significant message. Bibliomancy takes some practice, but when this method is mastered, diviners will be able to predict the future. It’s intended to be practiced by an individual with special abilities. It’s a way to reach out into the spirit world and receive answers or make predictions. (,4%204.%20Cleromancy.%205%205.%20Dowsing.%20More%20items)

Cartomancy I know what your think huh what do you mean..settled down don’t worry it’s nothing like you think cartomancy is using cards as divination. You can use playing cards and there meanings, or a popular form of this divination is Tarot Cards. Cartomancy readers are cartomancers hey I didn’t make this up, but yeah that’s what there’s okay I giggled to.

Next up Cleromancy I will use a article here as reference because this is a new one to me..Originally, this practice involved the use of small objects (pebbles, crystals, bones, sticks). Over time, this divination evolved to using pebbles and dice, which is what most diviners use today.To learn Cleromancy, you’ll need 13 light colored pebbles and 13 dark colored pebbles of roughly the same size. Ask any yes or no question, place the stones or pebbles in a bag or bowl, and shake them well. While you shake the bag, ask your question 2 more times. Now, close your eyes and grab a handful of stones. Place them on a flat surface and count the number of light stones and the number of the dark. If there are more light pebbles the answer is in your favor. If there are more blacks, the answer is no. If you picked up the same amount of both, there is no answer, and you’ll have to try back later. (,4%204.%20Cleromancy.%205%205.%20Dowsing.%20More%20items) I don’t know about you guys but this one sounds like one to try..

Now we have Dowsing now I know what your thinking dowsing rods…similar but no lol…This is actually the art of getting yes/no answers from questions that are asked. Dowsing rods can be used but for finding water underground, this type is using a pendulum to ask those yes or no questions to. I found a great book when I started with this by: Petra Sonnenberg The Great Pendulum Book great information and good for starting out with pendulums.

Who has seen the older shows, movies etc with the Fortune Tellers well my friends that is a real thing, and real ones have super intuition and have honed there skills over time to use them to help people on life’s questions. So do your research before you go to one as unfortunately there are many fakes as well.

The next up comes from across the seas called here is the explanation for it: the medium will throw coins multiple times and take note of how they land. Their pattern is then analyzed using the Book of Changes to reveal a special message. I-Ching is made up of 64 archetypes, known as hexagrams. Each one has its own interpretation, offering the user guidance for their dilemma. The diviner needs to be very familiar with hexagram meanings and be able to read the message accurately. While this is a simple practice, there are a lot of ways the coins may fall, so it does require some learning.  ((,4%204.%20Cleromancy.%205%205.%20Dowsing.%20More%20items)

Here is one for the rock and crystal lovers out there Lithomancy….divination through using crystals and stones. Knowing the meanings of each of the crystals you put in the mojo bag will help determine the answer to the question you asked them. here is an example of how to:If you want to give this method a try, here are some tips:Place 10 crystals in a mojo bag, Shake them, Ask a question and pull one out . The crystal that you pick is your answer. Sometimes the answer is not straight forward, which is where diviner’s special abilities come in. They must use their intuition to understand the answer. (,4%204.%20Cleromancy.%205%205.%20Dowsing.%20More%20items)

Next if your a numbers wiz then this one is for you Numerology: This divination practice revolves around numbers and their spiritual significance. Every single number – from 1-9 – has a special meaning. You can use this practice to determine any of the following: Your course in life, What your lucky numbers are, Major life challenges coming your way ?Numerology does not require any psychic abilities, making it different from much of the methods covered so far. To learn about your client’s life (or your own) you will need to make a few calculations involving your name and birth date numbers.  You can check out our numerology number meanings guide for more information on this. There are many variations to consider, so for full details, we encourage you to do a little more research on this divination method. It’s a great option for anyone who wants some guidance in life.(,4%204.%20Cleromancy.%205%205.%20Dowsing.%20More%20items)

Who here has a crystal ball or wants one….that or just starred into a flame that there is a form of Scrying which is or next up..scrying one I personally haven’t tried it but my husband is really food at it.. Scrying can be done using different items like a crystal ball, water, black mirror and are better explanations of them: This is a special divination method, and there is more than one way to practice it:Crystal Ball. You’ll most likely associate this with an elderly woman looking into a crystal ball. In reality, crystal balls have been used for thousand of years, by all walks of life. Psychics and mediums use them all the time to see visions that foretell the future or to commune with the spirit world. Fire Scrying. This method is exactly what it sounds like – staring into flames of a fire. People with psychic or special abilities will receive visions this way. Water Scrying. The last type of scrying involves water. You may use a large body of water like a lake while some people use a bowl. Mediums will use water to interpret visions seen.(same website as above for reference material)

Now where are my tea lovers…I know your out there now did you know there’s a form of divination using tea leaves? well now you do and some may have already known…But it is called Tasseography or  Tasseomancy which is the uses loose leaf teas leaves left in the cup to interpret your question, or give insight to a problem. This type of divination has been around for centuries and mixes the love of herbs and tea in one…pretty neat huh!

One I have started diving into is Bone I know this may sound morbid but trust me it’s neat once you read the history of this divination type. In the traditions of some cultures, the bones, shells, and/or nuts that are to be thrown are left in their natural state; in other cultures they may be shaped and marked, much like dice, dominoes, or the cut cowrie shells used in Obi and Diloggun divination. In bone divination, bones of various sorts are ritually tossed onto a mat, an animal hide, or into a circle drawn in the dirt, and the resulting patterns interpreted. Throwing the bones is an ancient practice traditional to many regions of the world, including Africa, Asia, and North America. The number and type of bones employed, as well as the inclusion of other small objects, such as pebbles, shells, and hard nuts, varies quite a bit from culture to culture. As a hoodoo practice, casting or throwing the bones has deep traditional roots in African culture, especially as developed among the sangomas or divining healers of the Zulu, Swazi, Xhosa, and Ndebele traditions in southern Africa. Trained as herbalists, spirit mediums, and diviners, they fulfill an important role in their culture, equivalent to that of a root doctor in the United States or an obeah practitioner in Jamaica. The mingling of African traditions with Native American and European forms of divination has produced quite a lot of variation in hoodoo practices. Traditional items used in bone-reading by Southern-style root doctors and spirit-led fortune tellers who employ these ancient methods of divination include bones, stones, coins, stalks, or shells. Additionally, some who follow this style of divining with natural curios may also perform augury by inspection of natural botanical and zoological curios such as owl pellets. Although there is no single system of bone or curio divination used by all African American practitioners, some old-timers read a set of chicken bones or ‘possum bones, and do so only on the ground rather than a table-top, after the manner still practiced by some readers in Africa to this day. Others mix pebbles or shells or dice with their bones, as some sangomas do, and they might read on a mat or animal hide, or even on table-top — but no matter what natural and man-made curios are included, the practice is still called “throwing the bones.” American conjure doctors and hoodoo bone readers consider it traditional to keep their divination bones in a basket, bowl, or bag on or near their altar when not in use and to cast them out onto a mat, a hide, or a circle to read them. Each bone may have a meaning, and the patterns among the bones may be significant as well. For example, in one family tradition, nine chicken bones are used, and each bone has a meaning: the wing bone signifies travel, the neck bone signifies poverty, and the wish bone signifies good fortune. In another family tradition, only ‘possum bones are employed.(,varies%20quite%20a%20bit%20from%20culture%20to%20culture.) This divination has roots that go way back and if you practice Voodoo/Hoodoo you will have came across this type. I am currently studying both voodoo/hoodoo along with appalachian folk magic as I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina…

So whatever your divination preference just know there all unique to each person and there gift. I love learning about the tools to use to help guide us on our way through this we all know it’s crazy as heck out there and the unknowns always seem to be there but using Divination can help navigate those unknowns just as much as our spirit guides or deities…

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