Light workers…Sacred Healers.

What are light workers? Their purpose? So many questions can go unanswered if you’re not familiar with this terminology.  I hope to help clear up some questions and cover the different types of light workers and their traits…maybe you are a light worker in waiting…

            To get started light workers are individuals that have agreed to be reincarnate and live as a human for the soul purpose of raising the consciousness of mankind, they serve in a variety of ways to help expand light and goodness across the world. Now some of these workers will dedicate their whole life as a purpose others will volunteer as needed, or will emerge at a predetermined time.  Light workers carry a natural higher vibration of energy which helps keep them positive and loving in times of need. They chose to be born or come through as a walk-in soul when an opportunity presents itself.  Some light workers who do not choose this as a life path from start are often called Late Bloomers or Sleepers which is a light worker in hiding or one that has yet to realize there potential and awaken.  Some light workers are “sleepers” who have volunteered to become available at a time of crisis or chaos, only they emerge when they are in need from there mundane existence. Light workers generally incarnate with dual reasons like having a personal agenda along with the noble path of spreading light in the dark. [1]

There are 12 different types of Lightworkers Here They are:

  1. The Gridworkers and Gatekeepers– These Lightworkers deal with the grids on Gaia. They create the human grid that connects the hearts of all awakened humans. They are the actual doorways on the earth that connect sacred sites through lay lines and act as portals that allow light to come to this world through their open hearts. Gatekeeping is a more advanced form of Gridwork in which Lightworkers work with a team to open interdimensional gates that allow higher levels of light and love to flow in. While Gridworkers bring light through already opened spiritual doorways on Gaia Gatekeepers open doorways where there weren’t any before, or even ones that were closed due to stagnation.
  2. The Divine Lightkeepers- The core mission of this type is to embody the light. No matter the external circumstances, they’re here to retain higher vibrational frequency and presence. They are the lighthouse of humanity. In tumultuous and chaotic events, their light shines enough to give hope and inspire others. These Lightworkers uplift and support humanity in the unfolding awakening process. Most of them are comedians, motivational speakers, spiritual teachers, celebrities or even local grounded individuals who you feel comfortable to lean on to.
  3. The Transmuters- Transmuters neutralize the negativity and darkness by diving into it and releasing their light. When the negativity is returned to divine neutrality, it’s restored to balance. By transmuting past karma, transmuters work on behalf and for the collective consciousness of humanity. They might also transmute along their ancestral lines. They may have chosen to be born into an ancestral line that has plenty of negative karma. They serve to release, dissolve, heal, and help their entire ancestral line’s vibration to level up.
  4. The Healers- Healers help practically everything: humanity, the earth, animals, souls and all beings by healing their mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual aspects. As a Healer, you must listen to your internal guidance about the modalities, techniques, and ways in using your gifts through service. Most empaths are unrealized healers who need to use their emotional abilities to unlock their healing potential. It is important that you focus on healing yourself first because by doing so you can raise your vibration and fill up yourself with the light that can heal, support, serve, love and guide others.
  5. The Seers- These Lightworkers have opened the third eye or psychic sight making them able to see beyond the physical and the veil of illusion. Their gifts include providing readings or services to inspire, empower, and guide others to their truth and the truth of the world. They may also focus on areas where their energy is much needed for healing, transmutation, or release. It’s here where their light, power, and presence make a big difference. These people are usually the ones who reveal the truth behind the shadows. Most of them are really good psychiatrists who are labeled as parapsychologists (think of Carl Jung), truth activists and even professional psychics.
  6. The Divine Blueprint Holders- Everyone has a divine blueprint, which is a template to a fully awakened self. All Lightworkers have this template, but the Divine Blueprint Holders are the most active in tuning into it and retrieving the codes of awakening. They are best at translating these codes so everyone can understand them and use them to raise the levels of their consciousness. The Divine Blueprint Holders use sacred geometry and other sacred forms of communication through their work. They can be literally in any field and area of life but it’s the way they create and do things that matters. That’s how they subconsciously communicate The Divine Blueprint.
  7. The Dreamers- The Dreamers serve their gift by dreaming, interdimensional travel, and going into the dream space which allows them to access alternate dimensions of experience. The Dreamers are usually people who are called psychonauts. They use certain rituals or supplements to embark on psychedelic trips and access realms and ideas that would later inspire and uplift the human spirit. If it weren’t for The Dreamers there wouldn’t be 90% of the art, technology and inventions we have in the world today.
  8. The Messengers- Messengers receive guidance and messages from the Divine, Angels, Ascended Masters, Galactics, and their Higher Self. They share these messages through videos, blogging, teaching, or writing. Whatever media or platform, Messengers serve humanity through the awakening process by sharing powerful spiritual insight and information. They are explaining to people what happening to them making them better understands this journey of evolution through the guidance they receive from the Spirit.
  9. The Manifestors- These Lightworkers are involved in weaving light to manifest changes on the earth, which could come in the form of intending and manifesting timelines, manifesting positive events or creating the template for greater love, greater light and harmonious co-creation. They do this through various ways like meditation and visualization accompanied with self-inspection. The Manifestors manifest for the highest interest of all beings, Gaia, animals, and all of the humanity. But as they keep manifesting they work strongly on their inner selves to make sure their manifestations are not of egoistical nature but from their heart center. Most of these people don’t even focus on manifesting but on clearing the way so what they resonate with is for the good of all.
  10. The Ascension Guides- They are the ascending Lightworkers. They step into greater levels of light and share what they learn about the ascension process. These people step into the edge of enlightenment and push even further by questioning and embodying higher levels of light. Most of their teachings are aimed at the spiritual masters so they can push even further the spiritual evolution of humanity. The Ascension Guides show us how to overcome some of the pitfalls of enlightenment to help everyone not lose themselves on their way to ascension. Some of their teachings might even contradict the regular teachings of Lightworkers. This is because they approach the truth from a much higher viewpoint and see the flaws that might surface with blind spirituality.
  11. The Wayshowers- Wayshowers walk their talk. They embody the ascension process and live their lives in the most authentic way. They keep the highest interest of all beings and live an awakened and inspired life. These people are not even aware that they serve humanity in some way. All that The Wayshowers do is live in resonance with their truth and the teachings other Lightworkers share with the world. These people are the heart of the Lightworkers. They are what inspires and motivates other Lightworkers to keep doing what they are doing because there is still good in the world that needs their light. And by looking at them, other Lightworkers are reminded of what really matters.
  12. The Unifiers-These Lightworkers see how everything connects with everything else. They are really good at finding patterns and merging various philosophies into one. They are the translators that gather the teachings of other Lightworkers, the truths and philosophies of spiritual masters, and shape them in a way that is really easy for people to consume. The Unifiers are good at perceiving the essence behind different opinions. That’s how they can find ways in connecting people together. They naturally see beyond the 2 sides and understand the whole that the 2 sides are a part of. These people are not just for translating but for unifying different teams of Lightworkers together so their impact can be much greater.

There are also traits to find out if you are a light worker here is a blog on the traits. Do you fit any or all? Then see which light worker you are by the above list which can help you maximize your potential that or help you awaken what has been hiding in plain sight. here is the link to the article called 6 Everyday Traits That Might Indicate You’re not just ‘Spiritual’ – You’re A Lightworker.

Here are some Typical Lightworker Traits

Most Lightworkers will be able to relate too many of the following traits:

  • Keen awareness of the suffering of others, whether human or non-human. Many are vegetarian or vegan so as to refrain from causing harm.
  • A pressing desire or need to help or heal others.
  • Hypersensitivity, whether it’s emotional or physical: they often pick up on subtle energy shifts, or are very sensitive to light, sound, or scent.
  • Complete strangers may often smile at them or strike up conversations out of nowhere. Babies will smile at them as well.
  • More patience and gentleness than the average person.
  • A feeling of urgency about doing good in the world, like a pressing need to make good things happen NOW.
  • Physical sensitivities such as environmental allergies, asthma, or immune system disorders.
  • Anxiety and depression, especially about issues happening around the world that they are unable to take an active role in helping.
  • A sort of otherworldly “glow” – they may be described as luminous or radiant, especially when they smile.
  • Intuitive awareness, especially when it comes to interacting with animals.
  • They may have the feeling of being connected to the “all” – i.e. the spirit of the universe, or however they define “god”.
  • A history of having mystical or spiritual experiences, including precognitive dreams, premonitions, or awareness of other people’s thoughts and emotions.
  • Natural energy healing ability, like reiki or channeling healing energy through their hands.

There are also Shadow Workers

Many people believe that the opposite of lightwork is shadow work, and that if lightwork is all about love and peace and compassion, then shadow work must be evil and cruel. That couldn’t be further from the truth. While light workers focus on rekindling people’s light and helping them find joy and purpose in their lives, shadow workers help people deal with the darker, more painful aspects of themselves that they may have repressed and hidden away. Tucked into the shadows, if you will. They provide safe spaces for people to bring forth ugly old wounds and traumas so that they can be healed, or help people get over addictions, whether that may be to drugs and alcohol, to behaviors such as cutting, or even eating disorders. Shadow work is a lot more difficult than light work, but its end results can bring immense growth and catharsis.

Some people believe that there’s a middle ground between lightwork and shadow work that they call “middle work” (for lack of a more creative moniker?), but, really, these two approaches to healing and unity generally incorporate aspects of one another. Think about the yin-yang symbol; there is no light without shadow, and both have to exist to create a sense of balance. A person who focuses entirely on light and love and tra la la happy times may end up having a nervous breakdown because they haven’t addressed the deep wounds festering in their repressed past. Similarly, someone who’s totally fixated on self-help books and drawing forth their inner shadow may end up seriously depressed because they’re not delving into happiness and interconnectedness the way they could. If you feel that you are either a Lightworker or a shadow worker, know that you’re able to do a lot of good in the world, whether it’s just within your tight-knit social circle, or on a much wider scale. Think about what makes you feel happiest and most fulfilled as far as helping others is concerned, and consider focusing more energy in that direction. There can never be too much kindness, compassion, love, and/or empathy in the world, so thank you for helping to weave those webs. (

Hopefully this information may clear up what it is to be a light worker or shadow worker and maybe just maybe awake you….

[1]  Gostica > by Melanie Beckler


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