Balance is what helps us grow….Kieran

I have learned a lot over these past months with the pandemic that is going on that life needs balance and when it’s out of balance things get hectic. I have learned to prioritize what is actually important in our lives, and what goals we want to accomplish together, but that has made me really sit and think what am I doing that doesn’t help us reach our goals. I forget sometimes that caring for myself is in that balance and I have learned to take those moments for me to do the things I love whether it’s reading, writing, or just creating in general those moments are all part of balance. So don’t forget you in on this craziness and find balance to what’s truly important because in this day and age anything can happen as we have seen with this year so far.

But I want to know how do you recenter and find balance when things have gone crazy? drop us a comment I always love to hear from readers…

see I was listening…


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