The Ponderings…A impromptu thought…

Have your ever wondered watching a movie about vampires, werewolves, fairies where those stories came from? or Are they real? I know growing up there’s always those urban legends that sacred the bagezzes out of you when your 7, but was it a myth? Some of us know there are things that go bump in the night and there’s tv shows, movies, and books about them, but have you honestly ever pondered can those entities truly exist or was it a scary story passed down through the ages…

I have often wondered what mythological being is truly a myth and which ones are not. How can things exist from so called fairytales in this crazy modern age with only a few knowing the truth and believing it. As witches through out history have seen or been taught that there are things that which science or non imagination or believing could fathom or see. Different paths have tales of there own not just witches, but the Native Americans and different cultures. These tales have been dubbed or altered, and are of beings that Hollywood brought to life on the screen so to speak. i mean most people outside the pagan and witch community wouldn’t believe you if you said you danced with the fae or had long conversations with a woodland dryad. No “normal” person would anyways…. I could only imagine what the fae look like, or what an actual vampire is outside your stereotypical looks that modern cinematics have put on them.

I mean honestly if witches can heal, voodoo priest/priestess can curse or hex then why can’t some of these mythical beings exist? I for one would be just fine creating a space for fairies (which I plan to do in the spring) or live were walking in the deep wood have a conversation with a dryad or woodland spirit, and listen to there wisdom. Then there is what modern day calls the paranormal in all cases it’s just interacting the beings through the veil, and unless someone has truly experienced this plenty of skeptics out there. Spirits are the past of people we knew or did not know that are here for a reason, and some are entities that are good and evil.

So would you take the time to explore any of these?

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