Writers Block…and how I am going prioritize me…

This photo sums up everything for me….the case of writers block and feeling so stretched thin that I couldn’t even think of anything to write about. Today I finally realized that I have lots I can write about, and for some reason I could not get myself to do anything that I normally do either writing , drawing, making jewelry or fixing it, or even painting which I love.

So I have been super heavy at work and life with us deciding to take the journey of buying a house…man can life get in the way of your muse, but I decided that enough is enough I am going to expand on this and write on topics I love whether it magik related or just the stuff I find interesting because for me it all flows into me. Don’t get me wrong I have had some good ideas to start a new blog but I would rather love on the one I started years ago and just expand it beyond what it is and see were I can run with it. I realized that I need to take time for me mentally and physically. I can honestly say that is a real thing and self care when forgotten about can bite you in the butt big time when you love to create but your so burnt out on life that you can not sucks. I want to really dive into this and interview people, learn peoples life story and tell it as I feel a call to learn through others eyes. I have binged watched HGTV more times this month than I can count because my brain was mush and I was just mentally exhausted. So today I am going to clean my house well one granted its not dirty just lived but to clear the stagnant energy I feel sitting here, and to really find ways to bring content back to my writing as this an outlet I have come to embrace were when I was younger could not stand to do when the teacher had us write a paper, but those days are reminiscent of the past and it’s now the future.

I see that there are things I can expand upon and things I can write about that bring me joy, and so I am just going to do me whether it is witchy or none things that bring me joy and things that I hope readers will love. I don’t want to be just all inclusive with this blog I want to expand on it and see what roads open up. I had been thinking on this for sometime and well today is the day I get past my writers block and creative block and bring back the peace I need in this crazy world.

So I will ask as followers what content do you want to see? where can I expand? are there topics that you don’t see that you would love someone to do? drop me a comment or email me at themelioristicwitch@gmail.com my door is always open and I will be happy to listen…

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