Tarot Reading exploring the world of divination

I used Twisted leaf’s Tarot spread and gained some definite insight on how to express my magical self and be authentically me… I took a break from tarot but going dive back in I am using the Paulina Tarot deck I love the artistry of her deck.

So let’s get into this and what I interpreted from it.

  1. Page of Wands: Book explanation is new perspective, intellectual pursuits, fun-loving, a desire to bring happiness to others, not afraid to face challenges or risks. My explanation to this question the most magical thing about me does have to that I am not afraid of challenges and have faced many in stride, and that I need to stay stead fast and open myself up to new ideas and not let negative energy or thoughts bring down my happiness and my magic is what makes me happy.
  2. The Hermit: Book Explanation is time for self-reflection and soul- searching, solitude, deep understanding, retreat, gaining perspective toward the outside world. My look at this card says a lot to me on how can I express my wild nature by first going inward and finding my purpose and my souls yearning, and being solitude to really reflect on how I want to express it and use my gifts going forward.
  3. Ten of Cups: Book explanation: embracing happiness, spiritual bliss, celebration of love, good family life. My look at this card to answer this questions well it’s around me now my family and my support of my husband and to not let fear drive me to not share my passion and thoughts. I also need to show the love, and be okay with being happy not always waiting for the other show to drop.
  4. The Fool: Book Explanation is The journey of life, the discovery of one’s individual path. Decisions, impulse, child-like optimism, new beginnings, spontaneity, adventure, irresponsibility, inexperience. My take on this is to be like the fool unafraid of what others think remember that being carefree and child-like is okay because we were absolutely carefree and full of adventure and curiosity. I need to regain that part of myself and live, look for new beginnings whether it’s really figuring out what my path is or broadening my knowledge and finding new things that I want to study or read.
  5. The Empress: Book Explanation is secret knowledge, natural instinct, intuition, wisdom, learning, purity, mystery. My take is WOW! this card says a lot to me on how to be exactly who I am supposed to be and show it to the world by embracing me with all my quirks, curiosity, knowledge and optimistic outlook. I am also embracing a new part of myself I have been learning about and learning it’s okay to be uncomfortable but those have been the biggest learning tool in my arsenal. I am taking this as I am definitely going in the right direction and to keep going, keep exploring, and to never give up.

I am very excited by this spread after a hiatus from doing tarot, but my key take aways are listen to my intuition, be strong, don’t let my inner child like wonder for new things fade, and keep finding my way in this world.

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