Begginng of A goal

So me and the husband have decided that once our last kid is off and on her own in this world we want to find land and live off grid on a homestead become self sufficient, and just have peace most of all. Yeah the city we live in is nice and all, but I am ready for quiet nights looking a the stars and early morning porch reflections while enjoying a cup of coffee that is our peace. Have a garden that and greenhouse with some livestock. I know for some this isn’t a thing, but you can have the quiet still mornings when you watch fog roll across the valley or mountains, and smell of fresh air to fill your lungs. This life is hard work it depends on your meticulous planning and learning what to do and not do to be successful or starve. I have started doing our homework and grabbing books and pinning anything I know would be useful like canning and preserving food, companion planting a garden, solar energy, rainwater collection list goes on, but it doesn’t deter us. We have set plans in place with our finances to pay off debt, cars, and save money to buy the perfect plot of land wherever that maybe, but definitely looking in the mountains those are calling me home. My dad’s side of the family lives in southeastern Kentucky and my fondest memories is playing in the hollers and creeks and climbing the mountains to forage for ginseng. The smell of my grandmothers’ breakfasts was a feast to die for just saying. The magic in the land it’s old and true to the core and were you find folk legends that are still in place today by people who have lived there for generations. This is just the baby steps of our journey, but it is a journey my soul longs for.

Written August 2021

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