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This is a book review on this amazing book that lets us dive into the world of American Brujeria by J.Allen Cross. I am definitely one who loves to learn about different cultures, paths of magic and history of this wide world. I have to say I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started reading this book, but by the end I was pleasantly surprised. He talks about a lot of information from basics to making sure the reader understands all aspects of what this path does and how it works from the foundation up.

J. definitely covers some hardcore stuff right off the bat that needed to be said and needs to be talked more about in our community as a whole for example here is a passage to give an example, “I am not against folks taking bits and pieces of this world and bringing it back to their own craft, even if they aren’t strictly practicing American Brujeria. However, I know that a lot of folks coming from outside the community want to practice this magic respectfully. I can appreciate that, and I want to help guide you through handling someone else’s culture with respect and grace. The first thing you need to understand is that you are a guest in this world, and your job as a guest is to be on your best behavior. Culture appropriation is a big issue this day and age, especially within the world of spirituality where, as history tells us, some folks think that other people’s cultures are up for grabs.” This is beautifully said and needs to be in a book all its own along with other things that we’ve seen from the community and how respect and that line has become very blurred. I personally think if you’re going to dip your toes in other magical paths, we need to be the best guest ever especially in cultures that have been historically hushed and taken advantage of. A good example of how to be a good guest is this passage, “Learning the techniques in this book does not make you a brujx or curandero. These titles really mean something to us and shouldn’t be adopted haphazardly, especially by those from outside of the community. Only if you truly learn the traditions and uphold them the way they were meant to be, and the loc Mexican community begins to refer to you as such, may you then adopt that title proudly.” This passage speaks volumes and needs to be screamed from the rooftops not just for American Brujeria, voodoo, hoodoo etc. He also gives three guidelines to avoid cultural insensitivity which can be used in this book and other paths you may be interested in reading or learning about. I love that he breaks it down into section from saints to novena candle work all the way to crafting your own oils and praying the rosary.

So, in closing this is definitely a great read if you’re interested in American Brujeria and the Mexican culture, but always remember being a good guest when using pieces of other culture in your magical workings and in everyday life in general.

If you want to purchase this book head over to Amazon Audible, or wherever you get your books and you can follow him on Instagram @ oregon_wood_witch and here

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