Homesteading Journey part 2

written September 2021

So we have figured out the goal for our homestead and yes we know this will be a long journey not a short one, but I am fine with an adventure as land can be expensive and where your considering to buy there are things to consider , like water source, sunlight exposure for a garden, rainwater collection, elevation etc. but we have made at least one tiny step towards it as we know the area we want to go when this time comes. If you haven’t seen or been to western Tennessee, Western North or South Carolina then that is something I’d put on your bucket list. I am talking the Blue Ridge Mountains in the Appalachian Mountain range were the the views from the top are just as gorgeous as views from the bottom.

I mean to us this is paradise and we lived here for almost a year in North Carolina and loved it the view of the mountains every day and being able to see these sunsets and sunrises are just breathtaking. The coolness of the mornings and fresh mountain air just calls the soul at least for some of us, and this may not be where you imagine your future homestead, but for us it is. There are other parts to this journey we must do first, but we have big dreams, and goals this is just one of them the other is after we buy a house is to start saving towards the ability to start our own business to make our long-term goal the homestead a reality and obtainable vision but that all depends on how things go over the next 5 years.

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