REBLOG…35 Medicinal Herbs to Grow in Your Garden This Summer

If you’re looking to invest in your health by growing your own natural remedies and supplements, then why not consider growing a medicine herb garden?

You can freeze, sun-dry, or dehydrate your herbs at years-end so that you have a constant (and free) supply of plants to help heal a variety of ailments or complaints.

Whether its lavender’s calming abilities, or echinacea’s protection against viruses and bacteria, many plants possess powerful properties to improve your health — and you can grow many of them in your own backyard, as long as they receive enough light and water.

When planning out your garden, don’t forget to include some of these medicinal herbs.

If you keep companion planting in mind, then you can protect other plants from certain pests that oppose the strong scents of aromatic herbs and flowers like basil and marigolds.

to read more here it is: 35 Medicinal Herbs to Grow in Your Garden This Summer – Live Love Fruit

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