Reblog-9 Things You Need to Live Off the Grid

Living off the grid requires you to shift to a whole new lifestyle. Here are things to prepare so you can live remotely in an efficient way.

Contents1 Off Grid Living Preparations

1.2 1. Truck and Cargo Trailer

1.3 2. Large Tent

1.4 3. Sleeping Bags

1.5 4. Containers

1.6 5. Generator

1.7 6. Renewable Energy Source

1.8 7. Composting Toilet

1.9 8. Hunting and Farming Equipment

1.10 9. First Aid Kit

To find out more here is the link to the article and also if you want somethings, I have found in these categories leave a comment and I can show Ya!

9 Things You Need to Live Off the Grid | Survival Life

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