Reblog…How to grow your own toilet paper

Stockpiling toilet paper as part of your long-term disaster survival plan can be a bit tricky. Toilet paper takes up a whole lot of room to store and will absorb destructive moisture if there is even a tiny rip in the package.

If you put paper to pencil and do a little factoring, the amount of toilet paper needed for even one person for only 12 months is astounding. An MIT report on toilet paper use revealed that most people us 20,805 sheets of toilet paper per year – about 57 sheets per day… especially women. That also amounts to about 50 pounds of toilet paper per person, on a conservative level.

The average roll of single ply toilet paper contains 1,000 sheets and double ply rolls typically contain 500 sheets.

No matter what type of toilet paper you buy, that would amount to an astronomical number of rolls for a single prepper, let alone an entire prepping family.

Even if you purchase the cheapest single ply toilet paper your local bargain big box store stocks, all the toilet paper you would need for a long-term SHTF even would cost thousands of dollars and fill more than the standard size bedroom.

read more: How to grow your own toilet paper – Ares and Athena (

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