Those of us on the path of studying herbalism will attest that learning about the edible and medicinal properties of plants has shifted our view of the natural world around us. Where once we may have identified nature by ecosystem — yard, forest, field, swamp, lake, mountain, desert — we now see the trees, plants, and mushrooms within those ecosystems, and recognize them for their individual roles and medicinal properties. The green world around us is suddenly filled with trusted plant allies that we can turn to for nourishment and healing. Of course the plants have been there the whole time, but the shift in our understanding of their nature is a revelation. So the plantain at our doorstep, yarrow in the yard, or mugwort along the roadways transform in our eyes from overlooked weeds into celebrated remedies. Just like Cinderella, only…it turns out that we are the ones undergoing the transformation!

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Mountain Medicine: Yarrow and Arnica Uses

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