Folk Magic and the path that found me!

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I have found a path that resonates with me deeply, but truth be told it wasn’t always this way as over the years I practiced eclectically and had no real path to say outside of knowing I liked herbs, and crystals etc. No one path I was drawn to and now I know why it wasn’t for me to choose a path it was a path that chose me in the end. I grew up spending summers in South Eastern Kentucky with my Dads family and something even as a child always enchanted me about those mountains, forest and trees they were old when we as humans were young. I always loved listening to the sounds of the babbling creek behind my grandma’s house in the summer or finding new trails in the mountains with my dad and uncle but I never knew it was that deep love of those areas that would find me again when I was older. I stumbled across Folk magic by accident literally when I’d discovered some podcasts to help pass the time at work and there understanding of nature and how it looks different depending on your geography. I listen to two podcasts on the regular Invoking Witchcraft and New World Witchery they are on opposite sides of the country but yet the magic is the same just looks different but it’s old, deeply rooted in folklore and in belief. After listening to them over the last year or so I’ve also find books that have really helped me hone on the things they talk about and how I can put them to use in my life. I’ve found that things my grandparents used to tell us a kids saying they were old folk or wives tales are things that folk magic uses. I never thought I’d find a path only find pieces that fit with who I was and what I do, but it found me. For me herbal Medicine is deeply a connection I have and have finally stepped into getting real knowledge on how to use it in daily life by taking classes to use them safely and to grow them. I’ve found my deeper connection to the older magic that comes along with practicing folk magic and the things I’m learning just click. So don’t get disheartened if you haven’t found a path that fits you sometimes you just have to wonder along learning and growing and a path will find you one day.

Next section to this I’ll give some book recommendations if your interested in folk magic that I’ve read and found of great help😊

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