Never stop learning

As an herbalist, witch and quirky human is never stop learning… I say this because learning is part of how we grow, navigate situations and we’ll learn. Learning comes from questioning and finding the answer to those weird burning thoughts you have. You never know what fun thing you may find when you seek the answers to questions.

To me learning also comes from shadow work as for example I will ask myself why am I reacting this way ? Or why did I have those feelings? Yes that’s shadow work on the daily getting answers to those questions and just learning why you are who you are but taking that knowledge and looking at it from different angles and improve if you reacted poorly or if it came from a response from trauma or past experiences, that’s okay be gentle with yourself we’re always learning how to be better, do better and just learn ourselves.

So I say never stop learning but in that also be gentle when it’s learning things about yourself.

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