I’m back for 2023! And it’s Bloganuary time

So here is to a better year ahead !

The question asked is What do I want to achieve this year?

I want to chives a lot but I’ll keep it simple really, and focus on things that need to be achieved so that we can in a few years sell our home and buy and build a cabin in in the woods .

1) get financials’s in better order

2) finish my Advanced herbal program

3) start taking steps to be self sufficient and lower bills

4) start a small garden to hone skills

5) start long term food storage

Those are my goals for 2023 so what are yours share in the comments and let’s manifest our goals and dreams this year!

One thought on “I’m back for 2023! And it’s Bloganuary time

Add yours

  1. 1. Complete my Swedish Death Cleaning
    2. Salvage/organize thousands of photos/videos (Murph & Gypsy are so photogenic)
    3. Receive/attract that which I know I should obtain for my own justice as well as to help my family & animal.
    4. (You inspired me) Learn how to store our long-term food such as rice outside of the freezer and still keep them critter-proof. Maybe the plastic with air tight sealer thing I never learned to use, that is still in the box, is the key. : )
    That’s it in a nutshell, thought I’d play along. I wish you very well, that you may accomplish your desires and needs.


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