Bloganuary Day 27

Sorry for not keeping up but unfortunately life has taken some busy lanes between work and home so today’s writing prompt is quit appropriate for this! What are the pros and cons of procrastination? I can tell you as someone who used to procrastinate horribly when I was younger I’ve found no pros and only... Continue Reading →

Bloganuary day 17

Describe the happiest day of your life. Oof that can be about 4 to be exact and that’s because we’ll first I am a mom to 3 kids two grown and one almost there lol So 3 best days are the days my kids were born event though I was young like 18 when my... Continue Reading →

Bloganuary Day 14th

What is your preferred mode of travel? Right now a car but when we homestead my two feet and a atv… because we’re hoping over the next few years to make that dream come true.

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