Never stop learning

As an herbalist, witch and quirky human is never stop learning… I say this because learning is part of how we grow, navigate situations and we’ll learn. Learning comes from questioning and finding the answer to those weird burning thoughts you have. You never know what fun thing you may find when you seek the... Continue Reading →


It’s been nuts!!! Sorry for the lack of posts going to try and get some in this weekend and get some scheduled through the week with a promotion and craziness of life I apologize to all, but I have a plan lol 😂

Now accepting Donations

If you'd like to help support my content and blog further you can make a One-Time Donation these will go to help keeping the blog running, and any fees that go along with it along with helping bring new content and more! it's at the bottom of the pages!!

New Project!!!

So in 2023 will come not only a new year, but new adventure but that doesn’t mean this gets left behind either actually it’ll help bring new topics as I am starting a podcast my plan Launch Date is January 6th 2023! I hope you’ll join me there as well and I’ll post links in... Continue Reading →

Check it out!

So I’m going out into a endeavor of doing a podcast which is a big step outside my condo zone but I believe it will be a fun new experience for me. I’m trying to raise money for the equipment I need so I’ve set up a buy me a coffee page and launched the... Continue Reading →

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