Coming of A New Season..

I and others are awaiting the coming of cool crisp mornings where the chill in the air is refreshing and wanted after a blistering hot summer. I dream of enjoying the cooler temperatures and the changing of foliage to the bright oranges, reds, purples and yellows that comes with this time of year. We will […]

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Invest in You!!

I’m investing in me, and this is how I’m taking herbal courses and bought a couple reference books to help familiarize with herbs more and also mushrooms. I really want to be able to provide natural remedies, when possible, to my family to treat them as a whole instead of just the symptoms. so never […]

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This will be our permanent home and here is the new logo. I will be adding content and posts and expanding categories on which you see. Much Love..

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Shoe Magic/Foot Track Magic

I have found podcasts but one in particular called Invoking Witchcraft (♫ Episode 3: The Wonderful World of SHOE Magic! ( this is something I am learning about and I have found it very interesting and this a must listen there explanation on this practice is very cool, and gives you more in your magical […]

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