reblog..How to Barter and Why I Love It! — Farm Girl Homesteading Recently at certain craft fairs, I have been making sure to tell some of the other crafters that I am always open for a good barter! FINALLY, one of the other crafters took me up on that offer! I was so excited to finally trade ‘this for that’ and I had the barter song... Continue Reading →

Homesteading Journey part 2

written September 2021 So we have figured out the goal for our homestead and yes we know this will be a long journey not a short one, but I am fine with an adventure as land can be expensive and where your considering to buy there are things to consider , like water source, sunlight... Continue Reading →

Begginng of A goal

So me and the husband have decided that once our last kid is off and on her own in this world we want to find land and live off grid on a homestead become self sufficient, and just have peace most of all. Yeah the city we live in is nice and all, but I... Continue Reading →

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