Fire Cider

Elderberry Fire Cider Regular Fire Cider These are great to keep around the house for your family it’s all foods you can buy at the grove store and some herbs as well. It will help get great vitamins and minerals along with helping your immune system when you are or when your not sick. Recipe... Continue Reading →


Willow bark has been used for centuries as a natural pain reliever.  It contains salicin, which was later synthesized and is the active ingredient in aspirin.  It’s reputed to relieve pain without the stomach upset chemical aspirin causes, and it’s easier on the liver too. All willow species contain some amount of salicin, so it’s... Continue Reading →

Pine natural remedies

Pine Pitch Salve Recipe Pine resin, or “pitch,” can be used as an antimicrobial dressing on wounds, or to lessen muscle aches and joint inflammation. The measurements in this recipe needn’t be exact, but following the general proportions by volume (using a measuring cup) will be useful for achieving your desired consistency. Ingredients: 1 part... Continue Reading →

Goldenrod and it’s Uses

Goldenrod is one of those plants that most consider a weed, but actually it's a herb and plant that can be used in many ways including tea, and it's leaves can be used in salads like spinach...So sometimes a little extra digging you will find most "weeds" are actual herbs labeled wrong.

Natural Home Remedies

Arthritis is something most of us deal with on a daily basis and can interrupt Daily life when it sets in. So how can we help ourselves with home remedies to help deal with those days when nothing seems to work. Turmeric- This plant has many benefits besides helping arthritis inflammation adding it to your... Continue Reading →

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