Bloganuary day 11

How do you define success? Hmm definitely defining this is different for everyone some it’s being financially able to do whatever want and we’ll who wouldn’t want that with things as expensive as they are now. I would have to say that for me success is paying down debt, and moving onto a property and... Continue Reading →

Fire Cider

Elderberry Fire Cider Regular Fire Cider These are great to keep around the house for your family it’s all foods you can buy at the grove store and some herbs as well. It will help get great vitamins and minerals along with helping your immune system when you are or when your not sick. Recipe... Continue Reading →

Bloganuary post day 9

What is the most memorable gift you have received? Hmm that’s a toughie and sorry for missing a day was fighting nausea and other not so fun things but back at today. I think the most memorable gift I reciprocate and it wasn’t a thing it was a person and that person is my husband... Continue Reading →

Bloganuary Day 7

Write a short story or poem about rain. Well to be honest o suck at poems but I can tell you all the things I love about the rain..The sound it makes on a tin roof that lulls you to sleep, or sitting out on a front porch on a warm day listening to it... Continue Reading →

Bloganuary Day 6

Why do you write? This prompt for today is a good one because all of who run a blog write for different reasons and what we share is unique to everyone, but for me personally I write because it’s a way for me to share me and the knowledge I gain from reading and researching.... Continue Reading →

Bloganuary Day 5

What brings you joy in life? You know there are lots of things that have brought me joy, but right now those things are… Stable employment, A house, my family most of all and my goals for this year! I know yes some of those are material things like a house but that house was... Continue Reading →

Bloganuary day 3

What is a treasure that’s been lost? I would say for me as on over 35 generation the things our grandparents taught us how live in a way to save money, how to survive in hard times and how to make due and fig I. When needed..there’s more and a wealth of knowledge that has... Continue Reading →

Reblog…How to make Fire Cider

Check out this recipe to help keep your family healthy all year long and you can modify these ingredients if you like super spicy you can add habanero peppers instead of jalapeños also can add elderberries (if dried soak I water to re hydrate them) and add for extra immune support. Everything in this helps... Continue Reading →

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